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Vision Motor Sports, located in Seattle Washington, was established in 1997 with the mission to revolutionize the lighting industry; and today has become one of the leading manufactures of 12 and 24 volt lighting in the world. In 1999, Vision Motor Sports introduced their Vision X or VX light series and the name stuck, today people simply know us by Vision X. In 2005, Vision X launched Vision X Off Road Lighting, entering new markets and expanding operations with an additional Warehouse in Arizona to better serve customers. After the success of the off-road racing products Vision X found their lights ending up in more and more industrial and commercial applications, so in 2006 Duralux Lighting Technologies was formed to serve this market. Since 2006, Vision X has been expanding globally, and in 2008 combined the branding of their three divisions: Vision X World Class Lighting, Vision X Off Road

VisionX Halogen Lights
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