Focal Wheels Come in both Slim and Wide Spoke Profiles

Focal wheels is a brand from Ultra wheels group. This is the company that brought you Platinum wheels and Worx wheels as well. If there is something that Ultra wheels are known for is setting a superior identity to an automobile. This is the same effect that you will note on Focal wheels. Its designs are not over the top with extensively experimental profiles but they are cleanly done to give an executive feel. It is a quality that can be seen on the wheel’s finish offset approach and spoke design. So today we shall look into Focal wheel’s spoke design and see how they work for to carry the brand identity.

There are two kind of spoke structure on Focal wheels. The first is the slimmer structure and the other is the wide spoke structure.

Slim Spoke Profiles

Slimmer spokes are used in varying approaches on Focal wheels. For instance a number of series under Focal have a twin spoke design. The 163 Matte black series is a good example of this. Its eight spoke pattern coupled with a simple twin spoke division produces the clean low profile look we had mentioned earlier. The spokes are evenly shaped and a not too thick thus reserving the wheel’s lightweight nature.

Twin Spoke Design

On the Focal 425 F03 series, the twin spoke profile is used with a much wider gap between spokes thus giving it a visibly more rugged look. In addition to this the spokes have a pair of thin machined stripes running all along each of them thus adding to that sporty look.

But perhaps the slimmest spoke profiles on Focal wheels are those found on the 428 F04 series. This line of wheels bears spokes that are so slim they resemble spindles. With 10 spokes bearing this shape, the wheel has a fantastic light weight property.

Wide Spoke Profiles

When it comes to wide spoke structures, Focal wheels maintain a singular profile all through. This wide spoke pattern can be found on 421X satin black wheels, 428 HighV slate which si a relatively newer series and the 172 F01. The 172 F01 and High V Slate models each bear a 5 spoke pattern and the 172 F01 also has red striped accents right at the center of each spoke. In addition to this a red ring revolves around the flange circumference to create a visual masterpiece. For the 421X series however we have a plain 6 spoke template that primes its style on its gloss black finish and the red ring on the matte black version.

By: Sean Bowes
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