Diamo Wheels A Wide Set of Options to Style up Your Ride

Diamo Wheels: A Wide Set of Options to Style up Your Ride

Diamo Wheels like to keep things as diverse as possible. It is a vision that is reflected on their spoke wheel designs. These designs have spruced up the appearance of many cars in the past and have thus been recommended by most of Diamo’s customers as the ideal wheel upgrade choice. Style is part of the company’s identity and this is why they have labeled their wheels using diamond units (Karats). Diamo Wheels come in a variety of specs to allow you that freedom to customize your look to the best result.
White and black styled wheel

Color Options

There are seven different wheel models in the Diamo wheels catalog. They each have either a chrome finish or a combination of chrome and black. The Diamo 30 Karat Chrome is one clear example of flawless chrome finish with a gleaming inner surface on the rims. The Diamo 30 Karat Black however has a gloss black finish on the spokes with sleek chrome double linings in the middle of each spoke.

Just like the Diamo 30 Karat Chrome, this wheel’s chrome features bear a similarly clean reflective finish on the inner rim surface. The 37 Karat Black wheel is predominantly black as only the spoke carry the wheel’s silver machined face. The 39 Karat Bright PVD series is one of the more unique colour options as it has both a machined face and a bright PVD finish. This unique wheel finish makes the wheel just as shiny as a chrome wheel but easier to maintain due to its greater durability.
Diamo White and black styled wheel close up

Spoke Options

Diamo Wheel spoke options range between five and ten spoke wheels. The five spoke design is featured on the Diamo 37 Karat Black wheel and the Diamo 39 Karat Bright PVD. On the 37 Karat wheel, the spokes are solid black but they are covered with a machined face chrome plate that adds a bit of stylish edge to it.

On the 39 Karat Bright PVD wheel, however, the spokes have a slit in the middle which adds to their unique profile and improves their performance aerodynamically. The spoke designs on Diamo 8 Karat wheel and 17 Karat wheel have a semblance in their thicker structure, their machined face and the way they extend over the inner rim. The Diamo 8 Karat Black is however an 8 spoke wheel, while the 17 Karat Black has 6 spokes. It also has trapezoidal holes in the middle that match the spoke’s shape.
All chrome Diamo wheel

Size Options

All the wheels come in four varieties of wheel sizes; 17, 18, 20 and 22 inches. The 30 Karat black series, for instance, come in two wheel diameter options of 20 and 22 inches. The Diamo 39 Karat wheel has the largest size option available in 22 inches while the 17 Karat offers the smallest size of 17 inches.

By: Sean Bowes
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