Gravel Roads Are Dangerous - Use Bushwacker Fender Flares to Protect Your Truck

Gravel Roads Are Dangerous - Use Bushwacker Fender Flares to Protect Your Truck

gravel roadA lot of rural and underdeveloped towns are composed of gravel roads.

A Word of Advice for Driving on Gravel Roads: Be Careful

Backwoods roads and off-roading locations are often composed of gravel, which is actually one of the most dangerous areas for a truck’s body. On these roads, gravel can fly up and ding the underbelly of your truck and harm the side of your truck’s body. It’s recommended that drivers limit their speed to 60 mph on these roads, but going even slower would be even safer.

Will a Fender Flare Really Protect My Truck Body?

The answer is simple: fender flares will protect the framework of the truck you’ve invested thousands of dollars in.

When you’re driving, the rocks on a gravel road may become embedded in your truck’s tread. As you’re driving down the road, these elements will turn into projectiles that can harm the truck body, vehicles in adjacent lanes, and even pedestrians that are walking along the side of the road. This happens because a truck’s tire is always moving, upward and forward, and the high speeds at which it moves creates a natural slingshot. So, having a fender flare will deter a lot of these flying projectiles away from your truck’s body.

gravel desertDesert areas in the dry southwest feature gravel roads that stretch across hundreds of miles of land.

Other Dangers of Gravel Roads

Not only is driving on gravel hard on your truck, it can also be dangerous. Each year, dozens of stories are released about car accidents on gravel roads due to skidding, rocks damaging tires, and so forth. It has become such a problem that many small counties with a high number of gravel roads have dedicated web pages to driving on gravel.

One such page can be found on the Washington County, Oregon website. On this website, Washington County suggests that drivers keep a few tips in mind as they drive on gravel. These tips include:

  1. Slow Down
  2. Avoid Sudden Changes in Direction
  3. Accelerate and Brake Slowly
  4. Increase Following Distance
These words of advice are of course to save lives, but you’ll probably want to protect your truck too. This can be done by using a fender flare.


Today, more and more people are running out to buy a set of fender flares to amp up the look of their truck. But, what about those that actually need protection from rock, dirt, and debris? For those looking for a fender flare that will offer protection and style, the answer is Bushwacker.

bushwackerThe Bushwacker Extend-A-Fender is designed to fit a number of different vehicle types, including Dodge.
Ever since Bushwacker designed its first fender flare for the Ford Bronco over 40 years ago, Bushwacker has been an industry leader in developing fender flares and truck accessories. Bushwacker offers a wide variety of fender flares that include: street style, “OE” style, Extend-A-Fender, Pocket Style, and Cut-Out designs. Additionally, Bushwacker has modifications of these fender flares to suit nearly every vehicle. For anyone looking for a fender flare, Bushwacker is undoubtedly the best on the market.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on August 27th, 2013
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