Uni Filter

Uni Filter

Uni Filter ATV air Filters keep out ALL the dirt, dust and mud providing superior engine protection. It is the largest maker of after market Foam Air Filters in the world.

Uni Filter Air
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The founders of Uni Filter Company chose to use polyurethane foam as the filtration media due to its superior dirt capturing abilities. Polyurethane foam had been used as a filtration media for many years, but does not come close until 1973 when Uni Filter introduced the patented seamless “Sock” Filter suitable for a wide array of motorcycles, ATVs and small engines. This reliable High Air Flor Filter launched a product line that now covers virtually all prevalent motorcycles and ATVs. In 1970’s, Foam Filters are on its early stage of recognition but in 1980’s and 90’s, the company’s “High Air Flow” and superior filtration abilities made it the ultimate choice of every dirk bike and ATV global manufacturer. Uni Filter’s unbeaten cutting edge technology along with this proven best quality filter means is the perfect lineup to deal with any filtration concern for the 21st century.

The Uni Filter with “Ultra Seal” is not only the greatest air filter ever made for dirk bikes and ATVs. It is also the only air filter that's two air filters in one for easier oiling and cleaning.

Uni Filter Inc. has been a foam air filter manufacturer since 1971. Known to be the major developer of aftermarket foam air filters in the world, the company’s products cater to a large range of ATV brands such as Honda, Polaris, Arctic Cat, Kawasaki and many other ATV manufacturers. It is currently located in Fullerton, CA U.S.A. with a 40,000 sq. ft. facility.