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GoPro General Accessories
GoPro GoPro
GoPro GoPro was created on year 2002 in Northern California. GoPro manufactures the famous HD HERO® line of wearable and gear-mountable cameras and accessories, making it easy for adventurers to capture and share their lives’ most exciting moments in high definition. GoPro’s items are sold in more than 50 countries.

The Hero camera is an extremely cost effective and exciting way to capture photos and video, no matter what type of riding is involved. Made for the outdoor enthusiast and lacking a flash, the camera should and does work best under natural light conditions. On clear or overcast days, it provides crisp, clear images. Unless there is a lot of natural or artificial light, indoor shooting usually results in pretty dim images or blurry video. While a very competent still camera, the picture/video capture is where this little gem really shines.

GoPro HD Hero 960 Camera will capture the essence of your adventure; whether your biking the extreme mountains or even hiking the trails, you can count on GoPro to capture your quest without missing a moment. The GoPro HD offers professional quality videos. GoPro HD Hero comes with many great features including a curve, flat and helmet mount, a USB and other video and audio cables. This unique Go Pro HD Camera will meet all the needs of outdoor enthusiast and will give stories to tell for years to come. Stop missing all the exciting moments to tell about and start showing them off. With a GoPro Camera, you will be able to relive the moment over and over again. Get your GoPro HD Camera Today. We offer fast shipping on GoPro Cameras.

GoPro HD Motorsport Hero is great for racing enthusiast of all kinds. The GoPro HD Hero for Motorsports will capture the action as its occurring. Recording the quick pace action at 30 frame per second with resolution at 1080p or 960p and at 60 frames per second at 720p will definitely capture every moment. The GoPro HD Motorsport Hero comes with USB, Video and Audio Cables, a 3-way rotating side arm, and several mounting stations. Small and compact, the GoPro Camera will not hinder your abilities nor will it weigh you down. The GoPro Camera is rated number one for outdoor enthusiast throughout the world.

Both the GoPro HD Hero and the Motorsport Hero are waterproof to depths up the 180 feet or 60 meters. The GoPro HD Hero is made to take the outdoor beatings and can endure practically any type of damage. The battery will be able to capture up to 2.5 hours of video and can recharge between 1-2 hours. We offer a wide range of mounts so you can enjoy your GoPro Camera in every outdoor activity. Check out our other accessories, housing units and kits to make the most out of your GoPro Hd Camera. Don't forget we offer fast shipping on GoPro HD Cameras. Live in the moment by capturing the moment. Get the same camera that professional motocross, surfers, skaters, bikers, and every outdoor sport enthusiast rely on, get GoPro!
Camera Optics
• Lens Type: Fixed Focus (2ft/.6m – 8), glass
• Aperture: f/2.8 (high performance in low-light situations)
• Angle of View: 170º ultra wide angle in WVGA, 720p, or 960p mode
• Angle of View: 127º wide angle in 1080p mode

• HD Video Resolution Modes: (subject to change, pending final firmware release)
- 1080p = 1920×1080 pixels (16:9), 30 fps, 15 Mbit/s data rate
- 960p = 1280×960 pixels (4:3), 30 fps, 12 Mbit/s data rate
- 720p = 1280×720 pixels (16:9), 60 fps, 15 Mbit/s data rate
- 720p = 1280×720 pixels (16:9), 30 fps, 8 Mbit/s data rate
- WVGA = 848×480 pixels (16:9), 60 fps, 8 Mbit/s data rate
• Sensor Type: 1/2.5? HD CMOS, 2.2µm-sized pixels
• Light Sensitivity: Super low-light sensitivity (>1.4 V/lux-sec)
• Video Format: H.264 compression, saved as Windows- & Mac-compatible MPEG4 (.mp4) file
• Exposure Control: Auto with user selectable center weighted average and spot metering settings
• White Balance: Auto

• Microphone: Built-in, mono with AGC (automatic gain control)
• Audio Format: 48 kHz, AAC audio compression

• Resolution: 5 megapixel
• Capture Modes: Single shot, photo every 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 secs.; 3 photo burst; self-timer
• Memory: SD card (SDHC), up to 32GB capacity (not included)
• Average recording times (using 32GB SD card):
- 1080p (30 fps): 4h 21m
- 960p (30 fps): 5h 26m
- 720p (60 fps): 4h 21
- 720p (30 fps): 8h 09m
- WVGA (60 fps): 8h 09m

Camera Connectors & Cables
• PC Connection: USB 2.0 (data connection and battery charging)
• HDTV Out: HD NTSC & PAL (component cable incl.)
• Audio Out: Combo 2.5mm jack with stereo audio and composite video out
• PC Compatibility: Windows® Vista or Windows® 7; Mac OS® X 10.4.11 and later

Power & Battery
• Battery Type: Rechargeable 1100 mAh lithium-ion
• Battery Life: Approx. 2.5 hrs
• Charging: via USB to computer or optional power adapter
• Charge Time: 80% capacity after 1 hour with optional power adapter; or 2 hours with a computer’s USB port

Waterproof Camera Housing
• Depth Rating: Up to 180 feet / 60 meters
• Construction: Polycarbonate and stainless steel
• Hardware: Stainless steel

Size & Weight
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.6” x 2.4” x 1.2” (42mm x 60mm x 30mm)
• Weight: 3.3oz (94g) incl. battery, 5.9oz (167g) incl. housing