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ATV Chains are Now 25% Off and Ship Free. We offer a complete range of increasingly advanced and innovative ATV Chains for our customers at implausibly low prices. Find a comprehensive selection of high performance ATV chains suitable for a huge number of all-terrain vehicle applications. Our featured ATV Chains come from recognized brands such as D.I.D. Chains, EK Chains, Renthal, Regina and Modquad.

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ATV Chain Care and Maintenance
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An ATV Chain is a simple and reliable way of transferring power to your machine, but it needs to be well-maintained. A crusty, dirty chain on your ATV not only looks terrible, it is also ruining the performance of your machine. A serious lack in acceleration can be attributed to a worn-out chain, and if your chain is really bad, it could snap under pressure. If you’re still convinced you don’t need to take care of your chain, ask an experienced sport quad rider. A snapped chain is scary stuff and it can even crack the crank case of your engine. Learn about proper chain maintenance and care Here.
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ATV Chains are usually used for transmission of mechanical power on ATVs. An ATV Chain is a simple yet reliable, and efficient means of power transmission and is usually made to their purpose –for transferring power in machines. ATV Chains have links designed to mesh with the teeth of the sprockets of a machine.

Every ATV chain we have here is durable, matched and balanced for maximum performance and drivetrain friction.

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Renthal Chains. Renthal is a worldwide company. Their products are sold all over the globe but the manufacturing heart is in Manchester, UK. Renthal is the producer of handlebars, chains, sprockets and grips for all off-road motorcycles racing applications.

EK Chains. Their invention of the O-ring sealed chain was based on years of accumulated technology, exemplifying a relentless commitment to innovation that continues to drive everything they do.

D.I.D. Racing Chains. D.I.D chain is used by the factory race teams of the big 4 and is the leading chain manufacturer in the world. D.I.D. chain is designed specifically for hardcore ATV use and even works great on high horsepower big bore bikes.

Modquad Chains. Modquad is a highly innovative company leading the industry with its extensive product lines and its latest development of new products and unique designs. They manufacture all parts in their in-house machine shop, which allows them to set and maintain the industry quality standard.

Regina Chains. Each Regina chain, type by type, category by category, provides the ideal performance for all types of motorcycle or ATV rides. Regina Chains provide utmost functionality and safety at the same time.