Access Vanish Tonneau Covers Five Components

Access cover makes the Vanish tonneau as a low profile cover over the truck bed. It rises only half an inch above the truck bed level and thus maintains a clean minimalist look on the bed. This allows it to keep to its function of protecting the cargo and bed from the elements. In addition to this, the Access Vanish tonneau cover comes complete with five exclusive features that give it the edge over other tonneau covers. These include a tension control feature, slide locks near the tailgate, patented Tight Bite clamps, Storage straps and a latching system.

Tension Control

One of the key things that any roll-up tonneau cover needs to have is a tension control system. This is because changing weather can affect the tautness of the tarp used on the cover and cause it to either expand or contract. After years of such changes, the cover can attain a loose shape. But with tension control, Access Vanish covers maintain their turgidity throughout their usage. This is achieved through the EZ-Dial XT Tensioner control which automatically tightens the cover when it loosens its grip on the control. When the tarp tightens up the control lets go of its grip to allow the cover a little room to loosen up.

Storage Straps

Since it is a roll up tonneau cover, the Access Vanish tonneau cover comes with a set of storage straps. These straps are attached to the end of the truck bed to hold the cover once it is rolled up. They have snaps to make attaching the cover onto the front of the truck bed quick and easy.

Latching System

The latching system on the Access Vanish tonneau cover is an automatic locking method when you close the tonneau cover over the truck. It also opens through a one finger release system which makes it easy to secure and disengage the cover anytime you want to.

Clamping System

The most convenient clamping systems exclude nuts and bolts in order to making installation simple. The clamps have special teeth on the surface which add to the grip of the clamps on the side rails of the cover.

Slide Locks

Not only does the Access Vanish Tonneau cover incorporate a latching system to lock the cover in place, it also has slide locks which extend your cargo’s security.

By: Sean Bowes
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