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Freedom Performance offers a complete line of exhaust system and components for every V-Twin bike. Freedom Performance's products are designed to enhance the look and performance of any V-Twin motorcycle. Specializing on V-Twin bikes has produced many top-quality exhaust designs that give touring and v-twin bike enthusiasts a better ride experience. Freedom Performance Exhaust offer outstanding engine strength. These premium V-Twin exhaust products also provide an impressive gain on torque at minimum RPM and a low base sound that will surely impress anyone. Freedom Performance Exhausts are a perfect addition to any V-Twin and touring motorcycle that demands the best when it comes to bike exhausts. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451


There’s a Freedom Performance Exhaust from our vast collection for every make and model of V-Twin and touring bike that’s available. Freedom Performance's expertise in the V-Twin and touring bike category guarantees their commitment to designing and manufacturing excellent exhaust products for the general market. Freedom Performance Exhaust features durable materials that ensure long-term stability, improved and deep sound, and an estimated upgrade of 20% in engine performance. Prepare to be amazed by the improved looks of any V-Twin bike with Freedom Performance Exhaust installed. Freedom Performance's exhaust products are designed and engineered perfectly to fit into the application for which they are customized. Installing these quality exhaust products is a snap. Freedom Performance Exhausts are made to bolt itself to the bike and all the needed peripherals are available right out of the box. No drilling and/or welding required. Act now and get awesome appearance, increased engine performance and many more with Freedom Performance Exhaust.