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Add fun and excitement to driving with the Unichip Plug n' Play Performance System! The Unichip is an in-line, state-of-the-art computer upgrade that tunes stock and custom engine components to perform to their potential, safely and efficiently.

What Is The Unichip?

The Unichip is a computer that electronically resides between your car’s ECU and engine in an arrangement known as Computer in Series (CIS) or “piggybacking,” releasing 100 percent of an engine’s untapped power. The Unichip computer is a solid-state computer measuring only the size of a MP3 player, yet is made of multiple high-speed processors to fine tune engine performance. Sold worldwide for more than a decade, the Unichip is a tested and proven engine performance product used on the street, racetrack, and in off-road applications.

Plug-n-Play, and play, and play, and play...
The PnP Unichip is a revolution in aftermarket engine upgradability, adding power, precision and performance to your vehicle. PnP is Plug and Play, meaning that with factory connectors you plug the Unichip into your vehicle and instantly, your engine has more horsepower and torque! It is, by far, the safest and easiest way to add dramatic power to your vehicle, guaranteed.

In today’s engines, fuel and timing are variables controlled by the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The Unichip completely controls both your engine’s fuel and ignition timing, optimizing the factory ECU… The result is a precise tune, producing maximum horsepower and optimum efficiency. If your engine is heavily modified, or completely stock, the Unichip will precisely tune it for maximum performance, 100% of the time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Unichip?
  • What is the Unichip? The Unichip is a fully programmable engine management system which channels over 53,000 optimized fuel and ignition parameters through a vehicle’s standard Engine Control Unit (ECU) to deliver maximum power, optimized drivability, and improved fuel economy. Unichip is a Piggyback ECU, which works in harmony with the standard ECU and is compatible with OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles.

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