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Xena Security Systems

XENA Disc Locks

XENA Motorcycle Security systems prides itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of alarmed security technology. XENA has developed a deep understanding on how strong locks combined together with intelligent alarms can make security so much more effective.

XENA features alarmed disc-locks that offer a lot of variety that is sure to find its mark on the perfect motorcycle. XENA can be counted upon in protecting and securing any motorcycle. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

XENA makes use of a stronger double-locking lock on the disc-locks because it is stronger than a regular lock and provides more security. In a default disc-lock, the weakest point is the locking pin. With the double-locking system, the body and locking pin is combined into one metallic piece of the lock, making it almost impossible to break the lock by any method.

The XENA double-lock technology can withstand up to amazing amounts of hammering and wedge attacks and still has its stable foundation. It has been tried and tested by professionals thru excessive force applied in breaking the lock, but to no avail.