The Simplicity of Tonno Pro Covers

With all the different tonneau cover manufacturers out there, the ideas for making new covers are boiling down to a few practical solutions. We have a whole set of company which make retractable covers, folding covers and roll ups. Some make them for a low profile appearance, and some of them are made to maximize cargo capacity.

Tonno Pro offers all these options are available in three simple models. It cuts down your choices to what you are really after. Even with their varying characteristics, they all have the same level of durability and versatility while staying relatively economical. So with that in mind, we can delve into the characteristics that set them apart.
Close up of the Tri-fold tonno cover rail

Hardfold Cover

This tonneau cover was the latest addition to the line-up. The need for a tough bed cover that could resist scratches and dent and still maintain form was what preempted the manufacture of this model. It contains 6063 aluminum sub panels and has a double side, tear resistant, marine grade vinyl on the surface.

The Tonno Pro hardfold tonneau cover can thus perform equally well in all types of weather. Whether we are talking about a sweaty day where the sun is beating down on the bed or when it's cold and snowy, the performance stays relatively consistent. In relevance to design approach it is created with a low profile look that keeps the truck's rear neat. Furthermore it comes fully set up and ready to fit in.

Lo Roll Cover

It's a low profile roll up cover at a glance. Just like the hard fold cover, The Tonno Pro Lo Roll Cover is designed with a double sided vinyl that is tear resistant and that has been put together with marine grade terelyne stitching. With a 6063 Grade Epoxy Coated Aluminum Frame, it poses not challenge to roll when opening it or closing it. And a similarly small amount of time is needed to install it since it does not require drilling.
Tonno Pro logo

Tri Fold Cover

If you don't like the extensive rolling out procedure that comes with using the lo-roll tonneau cover, then you can opt for the Tonno Pro Tri-fold tonneau cover. It is a bit bulkier to handle since it is divided in three parts that are folded on each other. When these three folded layers are spread out, they adequately cover your truck bed under a 24 ounce terelyne stitched vinyl cover. The cover is dual coated making it impervious to rain or any external water source. This makes it just as reliable as the hard-fold cover.

By: Sean Bowes
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