Super Swamper Tires: Built for Maximum Traction

There is a huge amount of importance that drivers put on traction. And it’s a necessary concern. Race drivers especially try to look for ways in which they can extend their tire traction in order to make their cornering efficient. The tread design has a lot to do with this. Taking a look at Super Swamper tires, in particular, we can see how one of the key differentiating factors between each model is the tread design.

Swamp tires are a must

How the Tread Pattern Is Involved

All tire treads are built symmetrically with tread sections that run along the tires perimeter towards the middle of the pattern and across the tire surface from shoulder to shoulder. All Super Swamper tires use this design pattern. Their treads run deep into the tire surface, except for the Super Swamper TrXus STS and the Super Swamper Trailer Trac series.

Deep set treads are ideal for muddy terrain. They tear through such surfaces with ease by locking into loose material as opposed to simply gliding above it. The tread pattern on the Super Swamper LTB mud tire for instance has a more offset shape as it cuts towards the tire’s shoulder than other models such as the Super Swamper TSL.
Swamp tires are a must

How the Sipes and Tire Commit to Building Traction

Two additional ways that tire traction is improved beyond the tread design are siping and grooving. Tire grooves run along the tire towards the center of the tire’s surface while sipes cut across the tire and are nearer to the edge. Since grooves are designs to run deeper into the tire rubber, they play an important function of dealing with one of the most dangerous elements on the road: water.

Water can penetrate all the way to the bottom of the tire grooves. Fortunately, Super Swamper tires have a groove design that basically evacuates water coming into contact with the tire at high pressure. As this water is evacuated, a portion of it will still remain on the edges of the tire. This water will easily be sucked out by the lower pressure created by the tire sipes as they lose contact with the ground.
Swamp tires are a must

Additional Siping and Grooving Practices

Super Swamper tires come with well siped treads that bear deep grooves adapted for fighting mud. A lot of truck motorists like to do their own additional grooving and this is achieved by manually heating up the tire’s rubber surface and cutting onto it with a tire grooving iron. This additional modification is only advisable for anyone who has accurate knowledge of how much traction he/she can achieve with this.

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By: Sean Bowes
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