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Top 5 Factors to Consider when Choosing New Truck Wheels

Here at 4WheelOnline, we have the best truck wheels on the market right now. With all the wheels available, it can be very intimidating and challenging for even the most experienced drivers. This is the main reason why I have prepared a list of the top 5 factors you may want to look at if you are stuck and not sure how to narrow down your search.

Materials Used

This is by far the most important factor to focus on when selecting a new wheel. The two main materials used to make aftermarket wheels are steel and aluminium.

• The most common steel wheels are the Moto Metal Wheels that are known to be strong and lightweight. Steels wheels are preferred for drivers who want strong and durable wheels that can withstand anything.

• Aluminium wheels such as XD wheels on the other hand are known for their lightweight nature. Aluminium wheels are also cheaper than steel wheels.

Processes Involved During Construction

The processes involved during construction will determine how strong, durable and reliable your wheel will be. There is the stamped method mostly seen in steel wheels. This method allows a more consistent composition that helps to improve the wheel’s structural integrity.

There is also the extreme heat and pressure process that is mostly used in forged wheels such as American Force Wheels. This process is known to create dense and durable wheels stronger than steel but lighter that cast alloys. There are also wheels made using low-pressure casting that allows for better flexibility and malleability.

Durability of the Wheel

Before choosing your next truck wheel, it is important to look at how durable it is. If you drive through extreme off road terrains, you may opt for the most durable wheels made of steel such as American Racing Wheels. Durable wheels are perfect for those who drive though rough conditions and you may have to go with less durable wheels such as the stylish cast wheels if you do not drive through these conditions.

Vehicle Performance

If you are a serious performance enthusiast, you may need to go with heavy-duty performance wheels that are tough and can withstand any punishment. Examples of these are mostly steel wheels. Forged wheels are preferred for performance vehicles as they are lightweight and still strong.

For speed-tuned vehicles, you may go with cast wheels as they have a lightweight composition that does not affect performance of your car. Lighter wheels in general do not add weight to your car and hence do not affect the performance of your vehicle.

The cost of the wheels

The final factor to look at is the cost of the wheels. Having looked at all the factors above, you have of course narrowed down your list to a few wheels. What is remaining at this point is to further narrow does the list by going for the most affordable for you. The most affordable wheel does not necessarily the cheapest wheel.

By: James Langston
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