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Nitto INVO has a unique, uncompromising scientifically designed tread technology that provides true luxury performance and refinement. With the help of state-of-the-art engineering and testing from specialized digital audio scanning equipment, the Nitto INVO reduces road noise at an unparalleled level. This cutting edge development process also helps to create an asymmetrical tread pattern, which allows drivers to cross rotate tires and minimize the irregular wear that often causes road noise.

The Nitto INVO is also highly regarded amongst buyers and industry insiders for its all-around, high-level performance in both wet and dry conditions. In order to maximize its capabilities in dry conditions, the INVO tire is designed with large reinforced tread blocks on the outer shoulders. This feature helps increase contact with the pavement, making cornering and handling top notch.

For wet conditions, the INVO optimized their performance by implementing large twin circumferential grooves that efficiently channel water out from underneath the tire. This, of course, creates unparalleled traction in slick environments. Adding to the magic, the INVO also uses 3D Multiwave sipes to increase traction, while solidifying the block to reduce uneven wearing.

Undoubtedly, the Nitto INVO is one of the premier street tires on the market. That's because there are very few companies that can offer the same kind of all-around performance and appeal. So, if you have top level street performance on your mind, it may be time to check out the Nitto INVO.

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  • Compound - Silica-reinforced tread compound strengthens blocks to reduce tread flex for improved acceleration, handling and braking
  • Handling Stability - Solid center rib provides continuous contact with road to increase rigidity and stability
  • Inner Shoulder - Inner shoulder increases the contact patch for better braking performance and stability
  • Advanced Noise Reduction Tread Pattern - Calculated variations in size and position of repeating tread blocks help reduce tire noise
  • Wet Performance - Twin circumferential grooves effectively channel away water for outstanding wet performance