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Veloche Wheel Designs

Veloche is a domestic wheel brand made by one of the most celebrated American aftermarket wheel manufacturers: The Wheel Group. It is amongst the awesome line up of wheels that benefit from the Wheel Group’s 40 years of experience on wheel production. With a distribution in various states in US and Canada as well as overseas markets such as Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Australia, Veloche wheels is a product line that has gained immense popularity in today’s auto-part industry. These wheels are made not only to work well but also to look good while doing it. So we are going to count down some of the greatest designs to have come from Veloche over the years.
Nissan 350Z

Vector 925

If you are looking to outshine every chrome wheel on the street, you have the Veloche Vector to do that for you. This chrome 6 spoke wheel has a high grade polish that immediately mirrors anything around it. It comes in two large sizes of 22 and 24 casting itself as the ultimate luxury wheel.
Nissan 240sx

Solar 585

Ever come across a wheel that almost looks like the Starbucks logo? I have. The Solar 585 comes with a five spoke design that is offset onto the bead-locked lip within the inner rim region. Each of the five spokes resembles a trident since they are split into three segments with the two parts on each side having a slightly curved outline. They all converge at the center and produce an amazing chromed up Hellenistic look that will get you feeling like a Greek legend.

Air 575

The available sizes for the Veloche Air 575 may be few but the spoke pattern is one you want to take a second look at. It is made as a fusion of two patterns: a twin spoke design on the top and single spoke pattern below. The twin spoke pattern consists of six machined face spokes and the single spoke pattern is made of six thinner gloss black spokes. All twelve spokes converge to a black center cap that is gracefully shaped to accommodate this sophisticated spoke profile.
Veloche Wheel

Ventata 590

This wheel will rock your bones if you notice the clover leaf design on its spokes. How does it achieve this look? The Veloche Ventata has a 5 spoke pattern and each of the spokes has a machined outline along the edge that is curved out near the lip to form a clover leaf appearance. This outline is further accentuated by the gloss black spoke finish below it. And if that is not all, the lip bears a machined face while the rim’s lip is offset into the inner rim surface with a bead-lock ring pattern all around. The chrome edition of the Ventata however has a hollow space in the spokes instead of a gloss black layer.

By: Sean Bowes
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