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ICW Racing Wheels, Driving like a Star

ICW is a brand of wheels that is made for stylish street cars. If you have a luxury vehicle and you want to complete the look by having a set of wheels that exude class then there are more than a dozen options for you on the ICW Racing catalog. The wheels are made in a variety of finishes and spokes. They are also made with cast aluminum, making them easy to style and even customize. They also bear a lightweight characteristic that is known to propel wheel RPM to the utmost level. So not only will your car look classier, but it will also move faster. There are a few ICW Racing wheels from the set that have stood out over the decades.
Close up of a ICW Wheel

The ICW Racing Kamikaze

With a lethal Japanese name to go with it, the ICW Kamikaze wheel packs up a host of features that will leave you mesmerized. It is made in a black finish and bears a seven spoke design with machined inserts from the lip running into each of them. The spokes are light enough to maintain that elegant look that is akin to all ICW Wheels while the rim is manufactured using standard size ratings of 15, 16, 17 and 18 inch diameters. In addition to all this, the ICW Racing Kamikaze has a stain coating on it to accentuate a laid black luster on its surface.
Close up of a ICW Wheel on a car

ICW Racing Osaka

Named after the highly industrial city in Japan, the Osaka is a wheel that stays in shape for years. It is made using a one piece construction and aluminum. This gives it the light weight properties you are looking for to speed up your driving, and the kind of tough structure that will allow it to sustain mechanical impacts for the longest period.

ICW Racing Euro

If you are looking for a sporty look on your ICW Racing wheels then the first point to check with are the 209MB Euro Wheels. They are made with a radiant 10 spoke pattern that is hard to overlook. The spokes are adjoined directly to the rim’s lip to give an up-front appeal to the wheel. To add to this, the spokes are mirror finished and accented with gloss black spikes that form a star shape around the center cap.
ICW Wheel

ICW Racing Tsunami

The 214MB Tsunami is a wheel for drivers with a need for speed. It rolls down the road at the speed of a Tsunami and leave an impression on every other driver. It will fit on most passenger vehicles due to its standard rim size range that lies between 15 and 18 inches. With a 7 spoke design and gloss black insert on each spoke, the Tsunami has the matching appearance for a fast sports wheel.

By: Sean Bowes
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