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ICW Racing Wheels Are Fast and Furious

Debuting in 2001, the original The Fast and the Furious movie rejuvenated a dying art form: high quality speed racing movies. In fact, this movie and the sequels that followed provided audiences with something that has always been craved inside of movie houses. Film critic Todd McCarthy says, “This story of speed-crazy grown-up kids trades shrewdly on many long-established movie conventions: Primal passions, elemental rivalries, testosterone-charged confrontations, youthful male preoccupation with top dog status, iconic posturing and behaviors and the sheer excitement of action.”

The Fast and the Furious franchise also gave voice to a revitalized street racing scene. With this series of films, audiences were given an inside look into a world of restored classic muscle cars, high powered aftermarket upgrades, and all of the hottest accessories. Pretty soon, people were running out to buy upgrades for their own cars; they wanted their cars to be like the ones in the movie.

Adding to the insanity, there were books like How to Build the Cars of the Fast and the Furious coming out, and there were entire websites dedicated to breaking down every nuance of the cars featured in the film. In one internet write-up, Patrick George of Jalopnik, says, “Some of us drive cars that are fast. Some of us drive cars that are furious. (I’ve owned ones that are neither.) But it takes a lot to make a car that’s both fast AND furious- about $70,000, according to this estimate.”


ICW Wheels Finds a Spot in The Fast and the Furious

Things got so crazy that every major aftermarket auto company was lining up to get their products featured in the wildly successful films. However, only the very best products were featured. One of the higher quality and most featured companies was ICW Wheels. Their wheels were featured throughout the series, helping to bring the speed that these movies thrived on. This, of course, was huge for ICW and helped to showcase the performance of their products.

Industry insider, Stefen Phelps, says, “ICW Wheels has always been a great company. The fact that they were on so many cars throughout the series says a lot about how great their product really is.” Over the years, ICW Racing Wheels has grown to monumental proportions. Their wheels have especially received notoriety as a perfect fit for import cars like Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Audi, and Mitsubishi. Bottom line: if you’re trying to build your car into a fast and furious machine, it’s time to check out ICW Wheels.

Posted on February 21st, 2014
By: Tim Snyder
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