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What are Alloy Wheels?

Text Box:  Having a great girl is rare, so when you have one make sure that you treat her right. There’s nothing that makes a woman feel better than going out for a night on the town and looking her very best: she needs a nice dress, she needs some nice shoes, and she needs to feel sexy. That is where you come in. You need to help her feel sexy. The same goes for your truck or car too. Finding the right Alloy Wheels for a truck is an investment worth making because if you have a vehicle that you plan on keeping than you want to treat her right.

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Save Money at the Gas Pump

Alloy Wheels are proven to help save on your gas bill. Because Alloy Wheels are lighter than the manufacturers default steel wheels, they are easier to start and stop. It takes a lot of energy to get a vehicle to start moving, which means more gasoline is being used. So, if a vehicle has heavier wheels, it will take more energy to start the vehicle because the wheels are where the movement takes place. An easier way to think about it is if you were to push a boulder. The bigger the boulder, the harder it is to get it to start and stop moving, so with a heavier boulder, more energy is being used. By putting Alloy Wheels on your truck or car, you will be saving money at the gas pump because less energy is going to be used every time you drive.

Increased Acceleration

Since Alloy Wheels are lighter, vehicles will have improved acceleration and less wear on their brakes. Once again, this happens because the overall weight of the car is less, which means less stress every time you stop and go. Being able to have a quicker car makes for a more exciting ride, who wouldn’t want that? Being able to have more acceleration and actually improve the stress put on your brakes? Sounds like a win-win.

Smoother Ride

In addition to increased acceleration, the lighter Alloy Wheels will turn any truck or car into a smoother ride. This is all because of the lighter “unsprung weight”, or weight of the tire compared to the weight of the body. This is important because every bump in the road causes the “unsprung weight” to inversely
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Not only do Alloy Wheels add a sexy look to your ride, they also increase acceleration and decrease gas costs.
react to that bump. This means if there is a higher “unsprung weight” the vibrations of the driving surface will cause your truck or car to not ride as well. So, if a vehicle has a lighter “unsprung weight,” it can travel over a rougher surface while its tires still maintain traction to the ground, which makes for a smoother ride.

Sex Appeal

Finally and maybe most importantly, having Alloy Wheels adds sex appeal to your car. Don’t let anybody fool you, everybody wants this. In the same way EVERYBODY wants a foxy girl on their arm, everybody wants a truck or car that will turn heads, too. Alloy Wheels can turn a truck into a dream truck.

Sure, putting Alloy Wheels on a truck is a statement. It’s a statement that says that you invest in what’s important, and what could be more important than your truck. Your vehicle does a lot for you, and Alloy Wheels can do a lot for your vehicle. At, we offer a wide variety of Alloy Wheels that will not only add to the look of your car but also improve its capability, keep it from wearing down, and also save you money on the road. Asking why would you buy Alloy Wheels is like asking why would you buy your girl diamond earrings. The answer is not difficult. If you keep your girl happy, then she will keep you happy, and the same goes for your car. For More Information on Wheels and Truck Accessories find us at

By: Tim Snyder Google
Posted on May 6th, 2013
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