Even Your Truck with a Leveling Kit

Even Your Truck with a Leveling Kit

One of the components that give your ride a perfect and custom look is the leveling kit. Even though leveling kits are not crucial to your vehicle as suspension kits, leveling lift kits are important in vehicle customization.

In most cases, leveling kits remain overlooked. This is because many do not know what they are as well as their functions.

Key Functions of leveling kits

One of the key functions of leveling kits is to add height to your vehicle. However, it is important to note that leveling kits affect other factors too. One, significant weight discrepancy can put additional stress on some parts of your vehicle such as tires and suspension. Leveling kits do not only prevent the strain but also ensure that your ride is performing up to specification.

Leveling kits enable your vehicle to gain extra inches and hence make room for larger tires. Finally, if you are an everyday workman who does a lot of hauling and towing, leveling kits can assist in maintaining your vehicle’s performance.

Various Types of Leveling Kits

There are three basic types of leveling kits in addition to other kits that do perform similar functions but with slight variation.

One important thing that you should put in mind is that leveling lift kits are not similar to suspension kits. This is because, for leveling kits, there is a particular type that will work for you, depending on your vehicle’s specification.

Strut Extensions

You can quickly install these leveling kits on your vehicle. Spacers are placed on top of the factory struts, providing your vehicle with an extra lift without you replacing any stock hardware. In other words, Strut extensions are quick, easy and simple.

Torsion Keys

If your vehicle has torsion bars, you can get extra lift without necessarily installing leveling kits. But stock torsion keys cannot effectively hold the added strain. Therefore, to get that extra lift you require, get premium torsion keys.

In most cases, aftermarket torsion keys are built sturdier and stronger for enhanced safety when it comes to lifting.

For future modification, it is usually wiser to buy a torsion key adjustor along with the leveling kits.

Coil Spring Spacers

Just like strut extension-leveling kits, coil spring spacers are installed on top of the factory spring buckets for additional lift. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of truck leveling kits while maintaining an OEM ride quality as well as factory stance. However, some types of coil spring spacer level kits require you to use shock extensions.

By: Jon Aragon
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