Helo Wheels It’s All in the Color Coordination

Helo Wheels: It’s All in the Color Coordination

Helo Wheels are reputed for their exceptional spoke designs and overall structure. The wheels range from three spoke designs to ten spoke designs. This allows drivers to pick a custom look that truly complements the vehicle’s general appearance.

Helo is making big splashes in the wheel area
For instance, the Helo wheels HE357 Chrome plated wheel is a three spoke rim that has the makings of a luxury street vehicle component. In fact, it resembles the Mercedes line of wheels. Other spoke designs such as the 10 spoke Helo Wheels HE875 Chrome Gloss are a suitable choice for SUV owners who would also like to take their rides into the outback.

Helo Colors

The color choices used on Helo Wheels play a big role, too, in the brand’s unique feel. All the wheels have unique color patterns that define them exclusively. Thinking about exclusive patterns, a good example of such is the Helo Wheels HE878 Dark Silver model. It bears a gleaming silver coating on the rim surface and a black finish on the spokes.

Helo is making big splashes in the wheel area
At the center of the wheel is a well-placed center cap that bears the name Helo on them. This part is done in a silver finish which creates a lustrous alternation between the silver finish on the edge of the wheel right along the rim. The HE878 and the HE879 series in particular bear larger sized Helo logos at the center, which make a clear statement about the brand.

Helo is making big splashes in the wheel area
Pure chrome Helo Wheel series, such as the HE878 and HE835, are uniformly silver in color with a shiny rim surface and a likewise shiny center cap. Most silver wheels under the Helo brand do not bear the full company name on the cap, while a few such as the HE845 and the HE844 have the official company logo in the middle. Helo adds an interesting twist to their color combinations as different silver models within each wheel series bear a different gleam and luster to their finishes. The HE869 for instance bears more shine on it than the HE875.

A few other wheel models have a distinct color pattern, which is sure to catch the eye. The HE866 Gloss black wheel is not only gloss black but it has in parallel grooves which give way to an inner silver segment that stands out brilliantly above the dark hue on the rest of the wheel. Another brilliant color innovation can be seen in the HE869 Satin black wheel which carries smooth silver strips on the spoke that offset a few millimeters above the black spokes. At a glance it’s clear to see how much of a creative spirit was involved to produce these amazing wheels.

By: James Langston
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