Helo Wheels: Futuristic Wheel Designs that make you Swoon

Looking for that wheel accessory that wholly complements your luxury SUV or big hauling truck? Helo Wheels is the perfect accompaniment that oozes unmatched style and long-lasting strength through its customized look. These wheels turn an ordinary truck into a show stopper on the road. These premium aftermarket accessories are engineered with excellent quality finishes such as Satin Black, Gloss Black, Dark Silver, Chrome and Bright PVD, not forgetting the Chrome gloss that black accents. These wheels represent opulence and sophistication at a pocket-friendly price.

Dodge ram with Helo rims
Helo wheels are truly the wheel of choice for the driver who wants to add that extra touch of lavish comfort to their car. They are engineered in a range of 3 spoke to ten spoke wheel designs.

Today, we take a look at the Helo wheels that boast of modern futuristic designs on them:


Helo Wheels are at first sight, powerful add-ons that feature exclusive patterns and the HE357 Chrome plated wheel is no different. Helo HE357 wheels are uniformly chrome wheels made from premium grade steel alloy. They showcase unrivaled durability on a vast variety of terrains and are made available in 22 inches.

Dodge ram with Helo rims
This revolutionary design wheel appears to have originated from a futuristic scene of Star Wars- the movie. The HE357 wheel design is designed with unique 3spoke wheel designs with bead locks on the inner rim section for that extra flair and panache. The centre cap area is slightly protruded and offers great centeredness and riveting ensuring sturdiness and stability on the road.

Helo HE357 wheels are finally coated with a douse of Chrome plating for that luxurious stylish finish that will get others nodding their heads in approval at your exquisite SUV/truck ride.


Are you in search of compact wheels that add extra feel of exterior toughness and durability to your truck?
Dodge ram with Helo rims
Helo HE881 wheels would make an excellent choice. Available in 17 inches, 18 inches and 20 inch sizes, Helo wheels are stunning custom-made wheels made from superior metal alloys. They are of high quality and extremely durable. Helo HE881 Bright PVD wheel is a 5 spoke 5 spoke wheel design that originates from the centre of the wheel. With 5 Lugs that hold in place, they feature Chrome colored finish of Bright PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating for added durability to the wheel.


Helo HE881 gloss black wheels need no introduction: with its timeless wheel design, they are known to represent classy yet understated elegance. Helo HE881 gloss black wheels are custom made wheels made out of premium grade metal alloys. Helo HE881 gloss black wheels are durable and strong, featuring unique in appearance 5 spoke design that originates from the centre cap area on to the rim. They are available in 17 inch, 18 inch and 20 inch sizes,

By: Sean Bowes
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