Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil Products are considered the best lubricants and oil products in the automotive industry. These products are designed for individuals seeking the best lubricants for their motorcycles. The products are a result of a comprehensive research and development process that enables them to perform well when compared to other motorcycle oils of the same class. Each of the motorcycle oil products from Lucas Oil is optimized to achieve the different performance characteristics needed by motorcycle engines. Unlike other motorcycle oils, Lucas Oil Products have high flow characteristics at high temperatures reducing oxidation. They also offer improved flow characteristics at low temperatures thus reducing engine wear. This makes the products very stable and thus suitable for use on piston rings, transmission gears, engine bearings and other engine parts. Such versatility helps provide high performance levels while protecting your motorcycle’s engine.



Lucas Oil is one of the fastest growing additive lines in the consumer automotive industry. A premium line of oils, greases and problem solving additives has helped to firmly establish Lucas as a prominent figure in this marketplace.

Lucas has long been directly involved in the American racing industry through multiple vehicle sponsorships and racing event promotions, at all levels. Seeing a need for better lubricants in this industry, the Lucas people went to work again. The end result being a line of high performance engine oils and gear oils that are second-to-none in the racing industry.