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Truck Wheel Brands You Might Not Know Enough About

We have heard a lot about the big brands in the truck wheel industry. These are brands like Maxxim, Akita, Black Rock, Konig and American Racing to name a few. These truck wheels brands are by all means great. That is the reason so many American swarm into aftermarket auto stores to buy them. But sometimes they come at a high cost in exchange for the high quality. Every once in a while a new firm comes into the market with something new to offer. So today let’s shift our attention to some of the lesser known wheel brands which have an equally amazing range of wheels in their catalog.

Envy Wheels

Envy wheels starts off our list because of its unorthodox approach to wheel design. With everyone else specializing in complex spoke patterns that feature multiple elements; Envy shows us what it means to make the best of the least. The wheels they make have a simple single spoke construction (if you can call it a spoke), a unique three spoke pattern or five spoke patterns. The Envy Monolyth Chrome wheel is the flagship single spoke wheel made by Envy Wheels which has a curved spoke that runs across the diameter of the wheel from one hemisphere to the other.

Both edges of the spoke have a concave shape and the top surface of the spoke also curves inward with the same concave profile. The Envy Pelle wheels series has a three spoke design where each spoke occupies a sixth of the wheel’s circular plane. The Tarantula draws closer to conventional wheel designs with its five spoke pattern.

Full Moon Wheels

Ever wondered what it would be like to drive your car on a set of soccer balls? With Full Moon wheel you can come really close to that experience. These wheels have an exciting structure that eliminates spoke patterns and replaces it with a soccer ball pattern. At the center of the pattern is a black pentagonal center cap with the full moon logo. If you want a perfect match to a soccer ball then the machined face Full Moon wheel is the better pick. The wheel is also available in a fully black version with red accents.

Ice Metal Wheels

Most wheel manufacturers prefer to have the options laid out for customers when it comes to wheel color. Ice Metal Wheels however is keen on defying that rule. The company has chosen to take black out of the equation. Instead it specializes in designing the best silver wheels you will find in the market. True to its name, Ice Metal wheels feature a cool icy finish that will instantly add an executive touch to your car.

By: Sean Bowes
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