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What to Expect from Mayhem Wheels At First Glance

Industry experts can affirm that Mayhem wheels are a guarantee of superb wheel performance. Having been approved through ISO9000, OEM, SEA and TUV standards to name but a few, they are a collection of functional wheels that you can use on your vehicle for years. They are made by the Wheel Group which is the same company that brought you Mazzi, Trailer wheels, Masini and Akita as well as other well recognized wheel brands in the market. As much as they are made by the same company, Mayhem wheels stand out from these other brands on a number of dimensions which we will now look into.
Black Ford F-250

Wheel structure

To begin Mayhem wheels have a bold look with robust features that signal the ideal qualities of a truck wheel.

Positive Offsets

As opposed to most off road wheels, Mayhem wheel’s offset are not largely negative. In fact most of the series in the collection have center caps that lie level with the flange and thus produce either a negative offset or a neutral one. Looking at the Mayhem Patriot 8080, you will notice that spokes connect directly to the flange this keeping the offset automatically positive. The spokes on the Mayhem Havoc 7020 are reclined into the inner rim surface a bit further but the center cap still protrudes above the flange plane to give a 10mm positive offset. This allows the wheels to maintain easy handling for drivers.
Black Ford F-150

Articulate Spoke Design

In addition to a common offset characteristic, Mayhem wheels have well articulated spoke designs. The Patriot 8080 features a lucid machined accent along the edges of each spoke which then connect to the lip of the rim to create a lustrous metallic sheen around the wheels circumference and spoke contours. With its 5 spoke pattern, this profile produces a star shaped appeal that will add style into mayhem. Other wheels such as the Riot 8010 have a similarly beautiful star profile without the machined accents but with embedded chrome studs along the flange circumference instead.
Black Ford F-250

Unique Finishes

The finishes on Mayhem are in standard color varieties with an added tint of a different finish on certain parts of the wheels. The Missile 8060 gives a good example of this styling feature. It as a red ring located inside the inner rim surface just below the spokes. The red ring is adorned with a set of square blocks around it with black grooves on them. The rest of the entire rim has been left in a clean gloss black finish that makes the red stripe stand out.

By: Sean Bowes
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