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Ultra Wheels Adds Heavy Duty Worx Wheels

Once you start modifying your truck to the extremes, you need to start thinking of an upgraded set of wheels. Factory steel wheels don’t only look boring, but they add unnecessary weight to your ride and keep too much heat on your brakes. Aluminum and alloy wheels shed pounds from your truck while cooling off your brakes and rotors. Aluminum dissipates heat much better than steel, which helps with “brake fade” when you’re doing some spirited driving.

Ultra Wheels, a 30-year-old company, has recently brought Worx Wheels into their limelight as the toughest wheels in their lineup. Featuring wheels that could fit nearly any application, the new Worx Wheels features a wide range of different chrome and gloss black finishes. Their slogan is “Serious Truck Wheels,” and when you get a look of them on your ride you’ll know why.

Worx Wheels For the Duallys

If you’re rocking more than four wheels, it can be difficult to make decisions when you’re wheel and tire shopping. Luckily, 2014 brought some sweet looking wheels that can withstand extreme towing weight, as well as add a bit of flair to track.

Worx Wheels’ patented wheel design fits a super deep-dish rear wheel with a super high offset front wheel to emphasize a proper fitment for your truck. The Triad Dually seriescome in variety of sizes, widths and lug patterns to fit nearly any dually.

Ultra Wheels Racing History

The first step to finding out what kind of wheels you want on your truck is to research different companies. At 4WheelOnline, we take a certain sense of pride in carrying brands that are American Made and Distributed. Ultra Wheels’ racing history runs deep. Founded in the 1980s in Fullterton, California, just a short driver to some of the best raceways in the country, Ultra Wheels was born.

When you see the quality of Ultra Wheels, it may not surprise you to find out who owns the popular brand. Jim Smith, the famous motocross racer turned NASCAR owner and founder of the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, is the chief of Ultra Wheels and Worx Wheels. After retiring from motorcycle racing and being a major part of the NASCAR world, Smith continued to go fast, but this time he chose trucks.

Jim Smith is apart of an elite group of individuals who have not only competed in the grueling Baja 1000, an endurance race across Mexico’s desert peninsula, but he also won the race…seven times. It’s this type of dedication to auto racing that makes Worx Wheels such a powerful new wheel company.

Worx Wheels Racing in Baja

Every year in November different teams and individuals load up their trucks, SUVs and motorcycles to take part in the Baja 1000. In some circles, this race is like the World Series and the Stanley Cup combined. It is arguably the most important race in the off-road culture and most racers consider it a notable feat just to finish the 850-mile sprint across the desert.

The Baja 1000 starts right near Tijuana, Mexico near the San Diego border where racers prepare their vehicles to head south to end of the peninsula. Somewhere between 15 and 30 hours later they finish the race, exhausted.

To win the race, a driver needs talent, determination and a quality machine. Jim Smith, Worx Wheels Owner, had all of these every time he entered the race. With a lifetime of racing experience, a driver of the year award and the support of UItra Motorsports, Smith was able to return to the race year after year to compete (and usually win) in the off-road truck divisions.

So, if you’re looking for new wheels that have the spirit of Baja while maintaining a cutting edge style, be sure to check out the new line up of Worx Wheels.

By Sean Bowes
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