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The Most Prominent Detroit Wheel Features

Detroit wheels are authentic aluminum rims that carry a well defined identity. Most of individual series bear close similarity to each other and are distinguished by small details like size options and finishes. These rims are made to suit passenger cars and SUVs best and can fit into a large range of car makes since they are made as replica wheels for each make. The Detroit ZR1 for instance is a replica wheel for 1984-1996 C4 Corvette ZR1. As you browse through all the wheel models you will find it easy to figure out which one matches your car since they are named after the car they suit.
Detroit Wheels

Chrome Finish

A lot of Detroit Wheel series come in an exclusive chrome finish. This is evident in eleven Detroit Wheel models. They bear a shiny gleam which covers every part including the rim and flange. Other wheels bear a silver or machined finish which is less reflective than the chrome models. The Cobra 815 Silver for instance combines both silver and machined face finishes producing a relaxed low profile appeal.

Positive Offsets

The offset on Detroit rims are positive. This is the recommended setting for passenger and sport cars. It allows the vehicle easier handlings and cornering capability. The positive offset values for Detroit rims is larger than what you will find on most wheel brands which only hit a maximum of 40mm. Detroit wheel series like the 870 are offered in offsets as large as 59mm.

Five Spoke design

All Detroit Wheels have a 5 spoke design. It’s part of the company’s design identity. In fact most of these 5 spoke wheels have a standard spoke structure without additional accents. Some of the spokes however feature a twin spoke design which is also quite standard in looks to maintain a low profile appeal. Twin spoke wheels under the Detroit line up include the 870, 875 and DMP. The Detroit C6 ZR1 has a distinct spoke pattern however with 5 twin spokes underneath the main spokes which create an edgy spindle-like pattern on the spoke section.
Detroit Wheels

OEM Sizes

Most Detroit Wheel series are offered in medium rim sizes that range between 16 and 19 inches. This makes the selection quite distinct since a lot of hot rod wheels and street car wheels are made with 20 inch sizes and above but often do not include the 19 inch option. Given that they are made as replicas for OEM wheels, Detroit wheels are standardized to sizes that match the OEM size as well.

By: Sean Bowes
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