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The Defining Properties of Maxxim Wheels

When Konig started its Maxxim line of wheels 25 years ago, it wanted to present a wheel that both looks good and performs well. Maxxim wheels have so far achieved that. This is why they are a preferred choice for both race car drivers and family SUV drivers. The wheels are made to fit into a wide variety of car brands including Mercedes, Mercerati, Acura, Dodges, Hummers and Jeeps. To manage this wide applicability, Maxxim wheels feature a number of characteristics deliberately put together for custom compatibility. These features include size variation, wheel offset, lug design and color finish to name a few.
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Standard Sizes

Maxxim wheels are generally made in a range of sizes. The smallest size available however is the 15 inch diameter wheel and the largest measures 24 inches. Certain series like the Air Black are only available in this 15 inch size. Others like the Allegro Graphite and Maze have a multiplicity of size spec including 15,16, 17 and 18 inch diameter. Wheels widths available at 4wheelonline range between 6 and 8 inches. The width and diameter ratios of Maxxim are standard ratios to keep them stable and capable of complying with motor regulations relating to tire and wheel width.
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Positive Offset

In addition to wheel size, wheel offset can also affect the handling and stability of a vehicle’s suspension. Positive offsets are known to give vehicles a wider base and thus ample performance especially when picking up on high speeds over highways. Every Maxxim wheel features a positive offset and some of the editions such as Maxxim Winner and Maze have offsets as large as 45mm.

Lug/Bolt patterns

For a firm connection to the axle, Maxxim wheels feature symmetrically placed bolt pattern that accommodate large bolt sizes. Bolt applications range from 4 bolts on a 100mm diameter ring to 5 bolt patterns on a 110mm ring. These two bolt options are available on every series hence delimiting you from picking your preferred style.
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Contemporary Finishes

The colour finish options on Maxxim wheels are sufficiently exhausted as they included all the popular combinations in the market. They include gloss black, matte black, Machined, and chrome. The gloss black is a common style that is to be found on most Maxxim wheels including the Maxxim Champion, Maxxim Maze and Maxxim Knight. The Maxxim Air Black is the only series that offers a matte black variation and it features a simple spoke pattern to match the low profile finish. The Maze gloss black has an intriguing red lip accent that laso makes its gloss black finish stand out.

By: Sean Bowes
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