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Niche Wheels Delivers A Variety Of Luxury Wheels

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When it comes to designing, manufacturing and distributing wheels, the best products are made under one roof. In today’s aftermarket, it seems like wheel companies will design their wheels in one location, forge them into shape at another and then powder coat or paint their wheels in a separate warehouse. With all of this shipping of wheels and exchanging of hands, it can seriously increase the chance for imperfections when manufacturing a set of custom wheels.

In recent years, Niche Wheels started making rims from start to finish in their California-based headquarters.

“For 2012 we have added a complete in-house finishing facility, which includes polish, powder, and liquid paint. All of which we have done to ensure our loyal customers a quality product in a reasonable amount of time,” says a spokesperson for Niche Wheels. “We will strive to bring the best in design, technology, and innovation.”

Today, Niche continues to supply car and SUV owners with a variety of different styles of wheels. Most recently, the brand has branched out with an ultra-modern line of wheels that include: Sport, Touring, Racing, 3PC. Forged, Monotec and Track Series wheels to please any automotive enthusiast, no matter what kind of driving they enjoy.  

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At 4WheelOnline, a longtime fan of Niche Wheels, there is more than two-dozen different styles of wheels from Niche’s latest lineup. From mesh-style racing wheelsto big daddy 10-spoke machined 22’’ rims, the choice of wheels from Niche can seem endless.

Born From MHT Wheels

When you are investing in a set of sexy luxurious wheels, you want to know that you are riding on a quality product. With Niche Wheels, car owners can appreciate that their wheels are made to the highest standard.

MHT Wheels, one of the largest and most respect wheel manufacturers is the parent company that oversees the production of Niche Wheels

If you take a look at the history of MHT Wheels, you can see that they are the same brand that has introduced Foose Wheels, Dub and Fuel wheels to the automotive community. However, for car owners who demand luxury, there is no better choice from the brand than Niche’s Wheels. Check out some of our favorites below:
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  • Circuit M110: In general, mesh wheels are reserved for purebred racecars; however these bad beauties are as versatile as they are functional. These webbed wheels mix the qualities of a race wheel and combine it with the perfect finish of a luxury rim. Plus, the M110 is available in a large 19’’ diameter.
  • Monza M140: These multi-fit, lug patterned wheels are the perfect addition to any ride. The M140 is a lightweight 5-spoke wheel that has a split on each spoke wheel that adds a personal touch of flair to each wheel. These black machine rims come with polished spokes that are accented with a black finish.
  • Nurburg M881: With a name so similar to the famous German racetrack, The Nurburging, it’s no surprise that the Nurburg is the most race-inspired wheel that Niche has ever produced. With a 5-spoke design and set of lips that would make Angelina Jolie jealous, these rims are sure to become a classic with wheel enthusiasts.
So, if you’re a looking for a wheel that has luxury style that is made from a company with years of experience of building and manufacturing modern rims, you owe it to yourself to invest in a set of Niche Wheels. 

If you have any questions about Niche Wheels and the models that are available, be sure to call the wheel and tire experts at 4WheelOnline.com at 813-769-2451.

By Sean Bowes
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