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Moto Metal Wheels Will Fit Multiple Lug Applications

Not every truck/SUV wheel out there is manufactured with all possible lug applications in mind. Some come in 4 lug patterns and others are offered in 8 lug patterns. Having a well-structured lug pattern in your wheel is essential to assuring a firm connection to the vehicle’s axle. Fortunately, Moto Metal wheels are made in multiple lug patterns. Others are offered with single lug pattern spec options while most combine a variety of options to give you the choice of having your favorite wheel on your truck no matter what the lug holes requirement is.
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With use of proper construction materials the lugs of a truck wheel will stay firmly positioned against the wheel studs on the vehicle’s hub, and resist the effects of mechanical wear and corrosion. Such effects can break down the threading on the lug hole and make it harder to fasten or loosen your lugs.

5 -6 Lug Pattern Wheels

Finding an exclusive 5 to 6 lug wheel in the truck auto parts market is difficult. However Moto Metal wheels has its own exclusive 5/6 lug wheel: the MO967. This satin black wheel is a one of a kind model that is made in only one finish. It has a beefy 6 spoke pattern with beadlocks along the machined face lip of the wheel. The wheel is available in three common truck wheel sizes of 18, 20 and 22 inches. Fortunately, you can pick your Moto Metal MO957 wheel in varying bolt pattern diameters including 150, 5.0 and 5.5 for 5 lug spec varieties and 135, 5.0 and 5.5 for 6 lug spec varieties.
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5/6/8 Lug Pattern Wheels

Most Moto Metal wheel series fit in this category. They include:

• Moto Metal MO961

• Moto Metal MO959

• Moto Metal MO962

• Moto Metal MO965

• Moto Metal MO964

• Moto Metal MO969 Fortunately, the wide variety of wheel series from Moto Metal that have 5, 6 and 8 lug holes options are enough to offer an equally diverse range of finish options, offsets specs and spoke profiles. The Moto Metal MO962 and Moto Metal MO959 for instance are both eight spoke wheels with different spoke shapes – the MO962 is plain while the MO959 is curve and textured. They both have gloss black and chrome hence keeping finishes out of the equation when selecting between them.
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8 Lug Pattern Wheels

Moto Metal MO963 and MO968 wheels are Moto Metal’s answer to truckers looking for more lug holes than the average truck wheel offers. For a larger sized exclusive 8 lug wheel, the Moto MO968 is the most recommended between the two as it is available in 18, 20 and 22 inch size options while the MO963 is offered in 16 and 17 inch wheel sizes.

By: Sean Bowes
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