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Motegi’s Dempsey Racing Team Expects Big Results at This Year's 12 Hours of Sebring

In 2013, Dempsey Racing splashed into the 12 Hours of Sebring race hoping for big results. At the time, however, they were a much different team than they are today. Banded together with Italian soccer star Alessandro Del Piero, Dempsey Racing was a team that hadn’t been together very long and hadn’t even begun to jell.

In an interview leading up to last year’s 12 Hours of Sebring race, team driver Andrew David said, “We have the Davis Del Piero Racing squad together for the first time. We have made progress every session with the car, each time we go out the car feels better, we are just kind of methodically chipping away.” Despite the high hopes, the lack of team chemistry and cohesion ended up being their downfall during the 2013 race, and they ended up finishing towards the bottom of the pack. However, it didn’t deter them from continuing to develop.

Doubling Down on Great Partnerships

As the year progressed so did the results. Dempsey doubled down on some of his major partnerships with both Porsche and Motegi Wheels, leading to a number of high place finishes. In fact, the Dempsey Racing team finished second in the season-ending Petit Le Mans in October, and they also finished third at the Circuit of the Americas race in Texas during September.

dempseyImage courtesy of New York Daily News
Dempsey was extremely proud, saying, “Last year was a great first season with Porsche, in ALMS and with our second-place GTE-AM finish at Le Mans. In many ways, it was our most successful season ever and we have every reason to believe that will continue, certainly, as something to build on this season.” As Dempsey indicated, Porsche has certainly played a pivotal role in the team’s recent success. But there has been another sponsor that has been a foundation that the team has built on from the very beginning: Motegi Racing.

The Foundation of Motegi Racing

Through each stage of development, Motegi has been providing the Dempsey Racing team with stability and strength. It’s a fact that is mirrored in their product, too; “A racing wheel is always a compromise between weight and stiffness. [Motegi’s] philosophy is to listen to what our racing partners want and work with them to develop products that exceed their expectations.”

Of course, strength and power is not the only thing that Motegi is concerned with. They have also expressed an undying hunger for victory. According to a recent Motegi article, “We work with [Dempsey Racing] as technical partners and that relationship is very important to us. We count on them for feedback that ensures our wheels a place in victory lane.” Wow, those are fighting words if I ever heard ‘em! With this type of support system, it’s no mystery as to why Dempsey and crew have shown that they are legitimate contenders. And it’s no mystery as to why they are so confident heading into the 2014 season and the prestigious 12 Hours of Sebring race.

By: Tim Snyder
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