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Method Race Wheels Drivers Come Out Victorious In Crandon

The 2014 edition of The off Road Championship (TORC) was one of the best ones for Method Race Wheels as it drivers had an overall good run. The drivers, CJ Greaves and Shawn Morris, kept their cool throughout the whole season and even at the final event of the 2014 edition held at the Big House in Crandon. This event was held on August 30th and 31st.
Catching air on the track

On Saturday August 30, the rain was too much forcing organizers to cancel the Sportsman’s class. This was to the disappointment of many fans who expected a weekend of fun, dirt and mud when they showed up.

The Pro-Light Races on Sunday

Since the event was cancelled on Saturday, Sunday was a jam-packed day with two pro light races. In race one, Method Race Wheels drivers, CJ Greaves, catapulted to the first position early and never looked back. In the second race, another Method race wheels driver, Shawn Morris, replicated Greaves’ success by jumping to the first position and stayed there for the rest of the race all the way to the checkered flag. This win was the first ever for Shawn and his team in the pro light class.

Catching air on the track
By the end of the day, CJ Greaves was leading in the point standings to be crowned the 2014 pro light champion.

Pro 4 and Pro 2 Races

After the two pro light races, spectators got to enjoy the pro 4 races that were equally entertaining. Johnny Greaves of Method race wheels was in the pro 4 class and was going to the final event with high hopes as he only needed to finish at position 9 to secure his second straight TORC Pro 4 championship title. This did not mean that it was all smooth sailing for him as competition from Kyle LeDuc and CJ Greaves was fierce.

During the race, the Johnny and CJ combo dominated the first and second positions before Kyle LeDuc outpaced them to win in the end. Johnny was still content with the second place finish while CJ closed the podium spot at third place. This was not so bad for Method race wheels as its two drivers were on the podium.
Catching air on the track

CJ came back to participate in the Pro 2 race that happened just before the Amsoil Cup. He was competing head to head with his sheer rival, Chad Hord, who has been on his neck for the entire season. By the end of the race, Hord emerged the winner with CJ coming in second. Hord may have won the race but CJ still managed to take the Pro 2 overall Championship. Winning podium spots in three races was significant for CJ as he becomes the first driver to do so in the TORC series.

By: James Langston
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