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Method Race Wheels: A Brief Overview

Method Wheels
Building off road racing wheels is one of the toughest but most rewarding endeavors for a wheel manufacturer. Not only are the wheels expected to perform well, they are also expected to last for a long time. This demands a balancing act to create wheels that are densely structured to sustain continuous mechanical strain and light enough to facilitate quick steering and steady handling. Fortunately these are all factors that Method Race has taken into account when constructing its range of wheels. As a result the firm offers six of the most reliable off road race truck wheels that you can find at a cost you can afford. These wheels have been tested by various drivers in off road races such as the recent 2014 Oregon Trail Rally, and TORC (The Off Road Championship).

Fat Five

The Fat Five looks exactly the way it is described. Five fat spokes pan out over the rim’s inner circle and provide a robust support structure for the truck. They are inclined inward into the center cap. The wheel is offered in 17, 18 and 20 inch sizes and the 20 inch wheel is also available in positive and negative offset spec varieties.


With the Method Race Mesh wheel what you get is a distinct 6 twin spoke pattern along with machined and matte black colour varieties. The wheel also bears a dense beadlock pattern along the flange. This wheel is the only one in the Method race line-up that comes with a twin spoke pattern. The spokes are however arranged in a way that allows them to be equally spaced out along the circumference of the rim in order to provide maximum support.

Method Wheels


The NV wheel series comes in two finishes: black and black machined. Both of them bear a golden bead lock design on the flange and an equally spaced 12 spoke pattern.

Split Six

The Split six is the only Method Race wheel to have been designed as a single finish option. It is available in a satin black finish and six spoke pattern that features elliptical holes in the center. It is a simple wheel design for racers who want more focus on functional properties.

Method Wheels


The Method Race Standard wheel bears a huge resemblance to the NV but instead of a D-hole design between the spokes, the Standard has triangular spaces. In general the appearance of the Standard is just as standard as it name. And the only thing that stands out above the other series is the 10 spoke pattern. It is offered in black and machined options.

Double Standard

The Double standard stands a notch above the Standard due to a few added features that give the edge over the Standard. Its flange is lined with more bead locks and its spoke pattern features four extra spokes bringing the tally to a dense fourteen spoke configuration. In addition to this, the machined version of the Double Standard has a machined flange but the spokes remain black.

By: Sean Bowes
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