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Maxxim: Home of the Most Celebrated Wheel Designs

Konig is the home of the most celebrated passenger, light weight, racing and old school wheel brands in the auto-market. These include Konig wheels, Privat wheels and Maxxim. The Maxxim brand is known to serve all type of vehicle applications including sporting, street and highway environments. Given the distinct design profiles on each Maxxim wheel series, you can expect to own an unmatched identity on the road regardless of your car make. Talking about distinct design, let’s look into the most impressive wheel series designed by Maxxim that are available on the site.
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Maxxim Chance

It is one of the more popular wheel series to have come from Maxxim’s factories. The Maxxim Chance has an edgy spoke design that consists of spiky spokes that are split out into pairs as they meet the rim. They also feature black inserts near the center cap where the lugs are contained. This 10 spoke wheel is covered in a machined face finish on its spokes and lip while its rim surface has a gloss black finish all around it.
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Maxxim Maze

The Maze is a wheel that shares similarities with the Chance. It has a split-spoke design that diverges from the center towards the rim just like the Chance. However its ten split spokes do not have black inserts and instead the four/five lug pattern on the Maze are situated right around the center hub. Unlike the Chance, the Maze has two colour varieties. The Gloss black variety of the Maxxim Maze wheel features a red stripe on the flange giving it a very edgy laid back look. As for the Silver Machined version, what you get in terms of appearance is quite the opposite as this Maze color option has a uniform sheen on every inch of it giving your car an executive stance.

Maxxim Air Black

The Air Black is one simple Maxxim series. It captures our interest mainly because of this simple and minimalistic design approach. It bears a 5 spoke design that has not additional features on it. And it comes in a simple satin black finish that is neither dull nor too shiny. With a four lug pattern that lies squarely around the center cap, this wheel is sure to satisfy a minimalist driver who appreciates evenness.
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Maxxim Ferris

There is something aggressive yet stylish about the Maxxim Ferris. With a machined face finish up front and gloss black layer on the rim it makes quite a progressive statement. It has 10 double-spokes that are not wildly separated but instead extend together from the center cap to the lip as a slim pair with a narrow slit in between. The Ferris carries a unique racing logo on one of the spokes which adds an element of customized flair. By: Sean Bowes
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