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Features of the Face Plate Series under the American Force Brand

American Force Wheels has been in the business since 1995 and is famous for building custom wheels for both street cars and off road trucks. The company was formed in south Florida and up until 2003, it was mainly focusing on sports vehicles. The introduction of aftermarket wheels for trucks saw the company’s reputation rise in the industry.
Toyota truck with American Force wheels

Out of all the wheels under the company, the Face plate series stand out as the most stylish and preferred ones. Wheels under the Face plate 2014 line up include the American Force master series, American Force nightmare series, American Force vector series, American Force fallout wheels and American Force evade wheels. Below are some of the unique features of these wheels.


With aftermarket wheels, the lighter the wheels are, the more appealing they are. All face plate series wheels are lightweight in nature to ensure they do not give an uneven rotating mass or alter the alignment. Since these wheels are light, they do not affect the performance of your car and thus can be used on both race cars and off road trucks.
Ford truck with American Force wheels

Guaranteed To Fit

American Force wheels have a unique patent pending technology that will guarantee perfect fitment of the wheels at all times. This means that you do not have to worry about the wheels not being the exact ones for your truck as the technology behind this company will cover you. Knowing the existence of the unique patent pending technology gives most truck owners piece of mind when buying American Force wheels.

American Force Face Plate wheels are custom built for your vehicle’s specific make and model. This means that they are made for you and your car only. For serious enthusiasts, custom fitting wheels are preferred over the others on the market.
Ford truck with American Force wheels


Most vehicle owners like personalizing their rides to express themselves. With the Face Plate series, you have the option of painting, powder coating, plating, wrapping, air brushing or hydro-dipping your wheels to get the exact style you want. This will allow you to express yourself with your truck’s wheels every time you drive by. It is important to note that most other wheels in the market do not allow for such options.

Made To Last

American Force wheels are made using laser cut face-plates that are uniquely built for each wheel design. The face plates are then securely bolted on the wheels using aeronautics grade bolts to ensure they stay intact. This means that they will never fall off no matter where you drive your truck on.

By: James Langston
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