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Drifz Wheels Articles and Reviews

Drifting and Drifz Wheels Slide Into Popularity in the U.S.
For some people, a power-slide in a car can be a scary experience. Whether it’s driving with bald tires or in a bad snowstorm, losing traction in a car is an event that is like no other. However, for Forumla D drivers, it’s an every day experience. These Professional Powersliders use their custom rides to spin their cars sideways around turns, Click Here to see how it’s become the most exciting sport in racing.
Drifz Wheel Present a Distinct Variety of Racing Wheels
Drifz wheels are a line of wide rimmed, sporty wheels that are made especially for track racers. They are known for providing significant amount of cornering stability and are made of durable materials. These wheels are made to fit into trucks, SUVs and cars because they come in a variety of sizes.
Drifz Wheels says Take It To The Track
Drifz Wheels says takes It To The Track. Street racing has witnessed resurgence in popularity, following two high-profile cases involving racing and celebrities. The death of Paul Walker as the result of a suspected street race in December 2013 and Justin Bieber getting busted for a DUI while street racing in January 2014 have brought the illegal activity back into the mainstream spotlight once again. Click HERE to see the right way to race your car.
The King of Drifting— Keiichi Tsuchiya
For the last 35 years, drifting has evolved, becoming a major style within the racing community. However, it wasn’t always that way. In fact, if it wasn’t for one driver’s extraordinary talents, drifting may not even exist. To check out the full scoop and find out how you can upgrade your ride to be a drifting phenom,