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Diamo’s Wheel Designs Create Its Unique Value

Used in passenger cars, luxury vehicles and SUVs. Their well articulated designs carry a style that immediately identifies them as street wheels. They are thus targeted at drivers who understand the additional benefits of adding some class to your vehicle. The quality achieved by Diamo Wheels results from the finishes applied on the wheels. Diamo wheels are made in black, chrome or bright PVD color options. All of these are highly durable options for a luxury wheel and will definitely last longer than paint coated wheels. In addition to the lasting finishes featured on these wheels, you will find an array of amazing spoke profiles which we shall dig into further.
Diamo wheels

Diamo 38 Karat

The Diamo 38 Karat wheel is the only split spoke wheel in the entire Diamo collection. It is made up of a prolific 10 spoke design and bright PVD coating. The bright PVD coating is a finish that is preferred by drivers who want to avoid the hassle of maintaining a chrome finish and keeping it lasting for long. Bright PVD lasts for long even after exposure to elements such as rain and UV light.

Diamo 30 Karat

With both black and chrome finish options, the Diamo 30 Karat wheel gives you more room to customize your car’s look. It also bears a 10 spoke design just like the Diamo 38 karat wheel. Each spoke features a black lining at the center which creates a symmetrical design on the curved spokes. In addition to this the Diamo 30 Karat is deeply cast into the wheel with a negative offset. It is offered in 20 and 22 inch sizes which are ideal for any street car.
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Diamo 17 Karat

The Diamo 17 Karat features the most sophisticated design amongst all Diamo wheels. Each spoke is made as a square plate that is bolted onto a gloss black layer beneath it. In addition to this, each of the spokes bears a square gap in the middle that complements the distinct design of the wheel. While the spokes possess a machined finish, the rest of the wheel is gloss black in color including the inner and outer rim surfaces. The machined face finish of the spokes however extend further all the way into the inner rim region and the lip.
Diamo wheels

Diamo 8 Karat

The Diamo 8 karat wheel has a high resemblance to the Diamo 17 Karat wheel. It however features two additional spokes hence creating an 8 spoke profile. In addition to this, the machined extension beneath the rim from each spoke is split into pairs instead of stretching out as one unit. Its sizes are much smaller since it is only made in 18 and 20 inch diameters.

By: Sean Bowes
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