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Diamo Wheels Uses PVD Coating for Extra Strength

Diamo Wheels is one of today’s leading manufacturers of aftermarket wheels. As a sub-sect of Wheels Pros, Diamo has earned a reputation of excellence that fits right in with Wheel Pro sister companies like American Racing Wheels, KMC, and Motegi.

Over the years, Diamo Wheels untarnished and respectable reputation has grown and grown. And, it has helped them to become a leader in the truck, Jeep, SUV, and sports car markets. Around the industry, Diamo Wheels is known for their impressively strong design that features all of the latest and most innovative processes. None of these processes, of course, are more vital than their PVD coating finish.

What is PVD Coating?

Originally developed by NASA, PVD coating has become one of the most important components of have a strong, durable wheel. PVD coating is composed of thin layers of metal that are bonded together through a specialized rig. (Check out the video to the right!!! It’s pretty wild)

Inside of the rig, all of the ingredients are mixed together and put into a specialized atmospheric pressure. It is then cooked with a plasma torch that reaches 17,540.33 degrees Fahrenheit. Impressive, I know.

Engineer Charles J. Russo says, “PVD-coated wheels are lighter in weight, lower in cost, require less design and tooling work than either plated or clad wheels, and are produced in an environmentally friendly matter, without use of hexavalent chromium or other toxic chemicals.”

Diamo Wheels Use PVD Coating

Early on, Diamo Wheels recognized the benefits of PVD coating and has now implemented the process into their manufacturing plan. In fact, each and every Diamo Wheel is PVD coated.

The PVD features on Diamo Wheels help produced a number of benefits for the driver, including:
  • A lighter overall ride due to the wheel’s lighter weight. This can help fuel efficiency and help save money at the gas pump. Hell Yeah!!!
  • It can rid you of guilt. With all of the back and forth about climate change and what not, it’s always good to know that you are doing your part.
  • A better overall look. PVD coating gives wheels better protection from corrosion, and when applied, PVD coating can be gloss black or chrome.
  • Better strength. PVD coating makes wheels harder and improves impact strength.
For anyone looking for the most powerful and durable wheel available, it’s always important to be on the lookout for the PVD coating process. And at Diamo Wheels, that’s exactly what the customer gets.

By: Tim Snyder
Published on May, 8th 2014
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