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Detroit Wheels Bringing In Motor City Flavor

Since 1967, the Motor City-based company, Detroit Wheels has been morphing the aftermarket wheel world.  The family-owned company started runs their operation “old school.” Ever since Chevelles and Mustangs were cruising down the highways of Motown, Detroit Wheels has been producing high quality wheels from their facilities outside of the cities industrial district.

“(We’re) a real ‘Brick and Mortar’ company,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We operate out our new 40,000 square foot facility in suburban Detroit…Detroit is still Motor City!”

History of Motor City

Even today, with much of Detroit in shambles and isolation, it is hard to talk about the city without mentioning the automotive history. The heritage of the “Big Three” automakers runs deep in Detroit, and their roots have given stability to brands like Detroit Wheels, who still operates out of the legendary town.

In 1903, Ford Motor Company paved the way for the automotive industry when they assembled the biggest car factories in the world in the heart of Detroit. Their success brought more and more automakers, tire companies and distributors to Detroit which in turn built some of the most powerful labor unions in the world. The city quickly rose to the fourth most popular city in the United States.

Unfortunately by 2010, the economy had fizzled out many automakers and supporters. Factories had closed and the population had less than 40% than what it did fifty years ago. However, there are still few “hardcore” brands that take pride in delivering products from Motor City; none of which seem as proud as the long-lasting Detroit Wheel company.

More Than Just a Wheel Company

For most wheel brands, it is just enough to carry some nice wheels that get car enthusiasts excited. For the guys at Detroit Wheels, they take a special interest in their customers and their wheels.

Every year since 1967, the company has hired “all around” wheel experts. Their sales team has more than 100 years of combined experience in the wheel and tire industry. So, it should come to no surprise that they do more than just sell wheels. Instead, the company offers wheel repairs, refinished and PVD chrome finishes. So, even if you don’t need a new set of Detroit wheels, you can always have your wheels brought back to life to their Original Equipment Specifications (OEM). If you do decide to send in a set of wheels (or a single wheel) to Detroit, you can rest assured that the new rim will come back in “like-new” condition, or they will set you up with one of their thousands of in-stock wheels to replace it.  

“All wheels are fully inspected prior to work being performed,” says a spokesperson for the company. “If our inspection determines the wheel cannot be repaired back to OEM specification it will be returned. Your safety and satisfaction is our primary concern.”

Detroit’s Latest Wheel Line Offered at 4WheelOnline

Detroit Wheels offers replacment and aftermarket wheels for hundreds of different car and truck makes and models.. Check out some of the different wheels available below:
  • The Detroit C6 ZR1: These chrome 18 or 19’’ wheels, as you may have guessed from the name, have the spirit and look of the C6 Corvette, but with much flashier accents. The high quality black wheel is the perfect addition to any 5-lug automobile.  
  • The Detroit Bullet:The words “Detroit” and “Mustang” go together like peas and carrots. The Bullet wheel is Detroit’s work of art with Mustang inspiration. The five-spoke design is unmistakable.
  • The Detroit Cobra: Are you noticing a trend here? Detroit Wheels has a serious sweet spot for American Muscle, and rightfully so! The 2003 Cobra Wheel has an unbeatable chrome finish and the classic Cobra design. The wheel comes in either 17 or 18’’ diameter.   
As you can see, the wheels from Detroit Wheels look beautiful, but enthusiasts should know that when they’re buying a product with the name Keystone on the box, they know they’re getting a part that has the spirit of Detroit and quality that gave the city the nickname “Motor City.”

By Sean Bowes
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