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David Higgins Wins 2014 Oregon Trail Rally With Method Wheels

50 miles outside of Portland, Mount Hood is a beautiful stratovolcano that last erupted about 200 years. For race fans, the location is more known for being the home to the annual Oregon Trail Rally (also known as the Mount Hood Rally), one of the best off-road races in the country.

The course has grown in infamy because of its wild terrain, which features violent rocks, thick forestry, and unexpected wild life. These factors cause countless crashes each year (check out the vicious deer collision seen in the video to the right). That is why only the very best drivers even attempt the course.

David Higgins Wins in 2014

Earlier this month, 70 of the world’s best driver’s took to the course, including star studded names like Travis Pastrana and Chrissie Beavis. The winner of the race, though, was none other than David Higgins of the Subaru Rally Team USA. 

Higgins was one of the only drivers that had a vehicle that could withstand the beating from the course and make it all the way through.

Higgins said, “We drove smart, at our own pace, and just avoided trouble. Once we amassed a big lead it afforded us the opportunity to really dial back the speed on Sunday and reduce the risks… This is a very challenging event and I enjoy the big mix of character among the stages.”

Higgins Wins with the Help of Method Wheels

Higgins’ strategy and dominating performance, of course, couldn’t have been successful without having the proper equipment. One of Higgins biggest assets was undoubtedly his Method Race Wheels, which played a key role during a critical moment midway through the race. 

During one of the first turns in Stage 6, Higgins hit the left-rear of the car on the terrain and accidentally de-beaded the tire on the wheel. With nearly 14 miles of rocks and jumps to go, and a necessary traveling speed of 100 miles per hour, things were not looking good for Higgins.

Amazingly, though, the wheel withstood the punishment! In a comment from the official Method Wheels website, the company said, “Due to some recent structural improvements, the wheel held up amazingly well… It may not look pretty, but all parties involved were ecstatic that the wheel held up like it did. The inner-rim remained round and held tough through Higgins torture test.”

For Higgins, it was a huge win for his team, marking his 4th straight victory at the event. For Method Wheels, it was the perfect example of why their wheels are considered to be some of the very best in the world.

Check out more of the race from Higgins' perspective in the video below!

By: Tim Snyder

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