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Bravado Wheels Looks great on three Cars

Muscle cars have remained a classic motorcar choice for many Americans over the years. For many drivers, they carry lingering sweet memories of a younger time when driving at high gear was worth the thrill. To keep that thrill alive, Bravado wheels are designed to provide the best fit on any muscle car.
Red Ford Mustang

If you want to go retro with your muscle car then it goes without saying that you need a vintage design on your wheels to match the car. So we took a look at the different muscle cars out there that have truly proved to be a perfect match with Bravado wheels.

Ford Mustang

This is a vehicle that has evolved over the ages to keep up with its undying popularity. Today the Ford has a muscle car that also dons some elements of modern street cars as you will notice on the 2014 Mustang Convertible. The Ford Mustang has a signature look that even copycats can’t get away with imitating.

Red Dodge Charger
Bravado Tribute wheels have been known to be a perfect match for the Ford Mustang. In fact Bravado Tribute wheels drew a whole lot of eyes at the CES show back in January when they were showcased on a Ruby Red Ford Mustang GT that was on display. The 20 inch matte black wheels had a subtle polish that blended in the with the glimmering paint job on the Mustang.

Cadillac CTS

The Cadillac CTS is the ideal celebrity muscle car. Musicians and entertainers will often talk about how much they love the big wheels on their Cadillac. It might be in a song with the line “20 inch rims on my black Cadillac” or an interview. Clearly, a set of wheels can mean a great deal to the general appeal of a Cadillac. For the CTS, Bravado’s Tribute is once again a top notch choice.

With the spindle like spoke profile that has a split spoke profile right from the center cap, that wild edge will instantly take charge on the Cadillac CTS making it ready to clock 200mph on the highway.
Cadillac CTS wagon

Dodge Charger

If you want to get your Charger in top shape then the Bravado Americana II is the wheel to do that. As opposed to the Tribute, the Americana has a thicker spoke design that produces a beefier tone to your Dodge Charger. It’s a fitting look considering the sporty and curved body structure of the Dodge Charger. However if you are really focused on something lighter to maximize on fuel efficiency and aerodynamic performance then a quick alternative to the Americana II would be the Bravado Brute which a five spoke design with a slimmer shape and thus greater agility.

By: Sean Bowes
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