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American Force Wheels Articles and Reviews

American Force Truck Build-Ups Are Wildly Popular
In order to become big in the aftermarket wheel industry, a company needs to find a way to showcase their products. Well, American Force found that the best way to do this is by getting involved in top of the line build-up trucks. For years, American Force has been working on these wildly popular trucks. In fact, they've become so popular that they are annualy showcased and profiled at the world-renowned SEMA show.
American Force Wheels: One For The Duallys
When you’re racking more than 10,000 miles in a single month, you want to be sure that your wheels were built to take the abuse. The engineershave designed dually specific rims for American truck drivers who demand high-quality products.
Features of the Face Plate Series under the American Force Brand
American Force has a number of aftermarket wheels for the modern driver. Out of all the wheels under this brand, the Face plate series consist of the most stylish wheels that will make any truck stand out. Getting aftermarket wheels is more than just performance these days as style has come to play an important role.This article looks at some of the unique features that make the Face plate series stand out.
Turn Your Truck into a Hero with American Force Wheels
For several years, American Force has been designing and manufacturing custom 19.5-inch big wheels. The wheels feature a heavy-duty application that enables you to pair them with commercial-grade semi-truck tires. Stability is another benefit you will gain from using these wheels. These wheels are not only unique but also unbelievable strong. American Force commercial wheels can run down the road for around 100,000 miles.