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American Force Truck Build-Ups Are Wildly Popular

Down on the streets of Miami, it’s important to have style and substance. Otherwise, the city will eat you alive. Nobody understands this better than Ray Shadravan.

Shadravan, of course, is the owner and founder of American Force Wheels, a business that he started way back in 1995. Originally, he was focused on building custom wheels for sport vehicles and small import and domestic vehicle owners. For eight years, he cashed in and delivered quality custom wheels while his clientele base grew larger and larger. Then in 2003, he decided it was time to expand.

His next move? Truck wheels.

Shadravan says, “Our company was founded on creating unique, high-quality wheel designs… the dedicated heavy-duty work truck is often neglected when it comes to customized styling.”

Breaking Into the Truck World

From the beginning, Shadravan saw an opportunity inside of the truck world. He just needed to do a couple of things to find success. One of Shadravan’s early strategies for breaking into the market was creating showcase trucks, including ¾ ton and 1 ton conversions that would display the innovation of their wheel designs.

Shadravan says, “Show truck owners are always looking to surpass the competition.” By building these showcase trucks, Shadravan was grabbing people’s attention while showcasing how his wheels really were better than the competition.

amer2The Black Rock Build-Up
Pretty soon, the American Force build-ups were growing exponentially in popularity. People were now waiting in eager anticipation to see the latest American Force build-up! In fact, it got so big that American Force sponsored build-up trucks were soon being featured each year at the world-renowned SEMA Show.

American Force Wheels Takes Over SEMA

Last year, they had multiple trucks at the SEMA Show, including their lauded over Black Rhino buildup. The Black Rhino was so popular that a number of websites were seeking opportunities to profile the truck. Diesel Army was lucky enough to snag the opportunity.

In their article about the popular 2014 4wd Crew Cab F-350 with American Force Dually Impact 24 inch wheels, Diesel Army writer Chad Westfall says, “This certainly was a build to remember…[It] is a truly amazing truck that shows off not only the skill and craftsmanship of the entire crew, but their dedication to completing a project on time.”

amerAmerican Forces latest buildup: a bright silver 2012 Dodge MegaCab 3500
For American Force, build-ups are not just made for big events like SEMA; they are being worked on 365 days a year. Currently, they are working on their latest project: a jacked up, bright silver 2012 Dodge MegaCab 3500. So far, there have been a few photos released, and like always, American Force customers and fans are waiting in eager anticipation for more details.

By: Tim Snyder
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