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4 Outstanding Ultra Wheel Models

Ultra Wheels is a major wheel manufacturer from the heart of California. The company has produced some of the most coveted wheels in the motor industry including Worx wheels, Focal wheels and Platinum wheels. Each of these brands has a special place in the market. Worx wheels are made to overcome off road obstacles and thus recommended for off road trucks such as GMCs and Jeeps. Platinum wheels are also made for SUVs and light trucks but with a greater focus on everyday usability, while Worx wheels are the ideal wheels for luxury sports cars. Ultra wheels are made for the muscle car and motorsport wheel category. For extreme motorsport activity the Ultra wheel extreme line up was started so as to specifically serve the demands of extreme sports racers. There are a number of wheels that perfectly capture what Ultra wheels stand for when it comes to motorsport racing.
Ultra wheels close up

X Treme X Lok

The X treme X Lok is a sturdily built wheel that has a thick flange and wide rim size. It comes in three color options. The first is the Satin black model with a diamond cut face on the spokes. The lip of the wheel features a row of golden bead-locks which style up your ride to a tee. The Machined model of the X Treme X Lok features a machined lip with a black spoke section and black outer rim surface. The Satin Black option is fully black with an exception of its golden bead-locks located on the lip. The wheel comes in five sizes of 15, 16, 17, 18 and 20 inch diameters. It is also available in three offset spec options: -19mm, 17 mm and 18mm.


Ultra Wheels’ Nomad is a 6 spoke motorsport wheel that is made with a large flange that bears a bead-lock design on the lip. The wheel is available is three lug option of 5, 6 and 8 lugs. Its size options are a bit smaller than the Xtreme X Lok since it is not offered in a 20 inch spec option. However it carries a highly unique finish since its spokes are coated with an exclusive anthracite grey finish that is diamond cut and clear cut.
Ultra's newest


The Ultra Drifter is one massive eye pleaser. It comes in the conventional 5 spoke pattern shaped in a convex profile. The detail on the spokes is however what catches the attention. The spokes are curved with offset L- shaped patterns and bear a heavily polished luster on its chrome color variety. The black variation of the Ultra Drifter maintains a chrome finish on the L-shaped offsets and a glossy black finish on the rest of the spoke and rim sections.
Ultra wheels close up


The Goliath is an aggressively built Ultra motorsport wheel with the same color profiles as the Drifter. Its spokes are modeled with twin plates. The area near the center cap has a sharply polished chrome plate layer that is bolted into the less reflective chrome spokes below it. The black versions of the Goliath bear a matte black tone instead of gloss black and have the same double layer design except that this time the spokes are completely in black. Both finish varieties are offered with 5, 6 and 8 lug applications. The rim sizes of the Ultra Goliath wheel are clearly where the wheel gets its name from. It is the largest in the Motorsport category with rim diameters starting from 17 inches and extending all the way to 22 inches.

By: Sean Bowes
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