What Differentiates Truck Wheel Brands

Truck wheel business is big business. There are countless truck wheel manufacturers out there launching new products every year. At 4wheelonline, we have a listing of 91 truck manufacturers, each with a variety of features and a variety of designs.
Ford truck with custom wheels

Most companies try to maintain a balance between appearance and performance. Thus spoke designs that you would normally expect on a street SUV may be found on a truck wheel, but the wheel may be made with strong materials that will ensure it is durable. Here are some of the characteristics that differentiate the various truck wheel brands that exist in the custom wheel market today.

Cast or Forged

Solid aluminum billets are what is used to manufacture forged truck wheels. The billets are heated and curved into the various truck wheel shapes you see in the market through a high pressure process. On a general scale this allows them to be much stronger as the aluminum has not been taken trough a liquefying process. They are consequently lighter but a bit more pricy. An example of a goof forged metal wheels are RBP wheels. Cast metal wheels are made from liquefied aluminum. The melted aluminum is placed into molds to cool and then cast into the wheel’s shape. Moto Metal wheels for instance are made from cast metal.
Chevy truck with custom wheels


Different trucks have varying spoke designs. In most wheels, spoke designs serve an aesthetic purpose but in certain designs they can help in producing better performance. One of the most important factors in developing an ultra performance is in balancing lightness and stability. Spoke designs that feature thinner spoke make inherently lighter wheels and these wheels make the vehicle fuel efficient. Many truck wheels are made with spoke profiles of between 3 to 10 spokes.

Rim Sizes

Ever seen a truck whose wheels poke out from either side of the truck to own the entire lane? That’s made possible by the rim size options that are available when purchasing truck wheels. They range in diameters that start from 15 inches to 30 inches. Most truck wheels stretch out to a width of 8 to 10 inches.

Toyota truck with custom wheels
It is possible to give our entire truck a lift and it is also possible to widen its presence on the road but a few pointers may help you make the right choice too when picking the right rim size. Larger rims tend to add weight to your car. But they also improve the vehicles handling by improving acceleration rate and cornering. The bargain here is spending a few more bucks from fuel consumption and getting an easier and faster car.

By: Sean Bowes
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