BD Diesel Dodge Exhaust Brakes

BD Diesel Dodge
Exhaust Brakes

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BD's new Ram 2003 turbo mount exhaust brake casting bolts in place of the existing elbow where it is clamped to the turbo outlet and exhaust system. BD's "Variable orifice technology" has been incorporated into this air engagement design that results in peak retarding power throughout the engine's operating rpm.

The spring loaded air cylinder closes the offset Stainless Steel butterfly and Stainless Steel shaft which rotates in a special bushing material to ensure that the butterfly does not stick closed or open. The butterfly has been positioned in the exhaust brake elbow so when open exhaust flow is not reduced. A threaded port for mounting an exhaust temperature probe and a port with 1/4 SS line connected is a simple method to monitor retarding performance.

BD's lighted on/off toggle switch is wired into an electronic idle verification board for quick exhaust brake engagement. The durable air compressor that is included can also be used for other applications; it's a Ram tuff product.

Installing a BD exhaust brake adds safety to your towing experience.