Pacer Wheels Three Favorite Styles

There are over 40 wheel models to choose from at Pacer Wheels. Some of them are made using high grade steel construction while others are made using aluminum alloy. These wheels offer enough variety to cater to any preference you have. They include chrome wheels, black wheels, machined face wheels, spoke wheels, non-spoke wheels, negatively offset wheels and positively offset wheel.
Pacer wheels on a truck

Clearly it’s a broad range of choices. This is because the list has been adding up since 1972 when Pacer wheels first set out to join the wheel manufacturing industry. And now all those decades of refining and fine tuning their production approach has paid off with a huge following of loyal customers who know what value they are getting with Pacer. Yet with such a large array of products, there are a few that stand out for us here at 4wheelonline and we are about to explain why.

Street Lock

The Street Lock just as its name suggests is Pacer Wheel’s driving solution for street cars. It has been styled to blend into the urban auto-culture with its sleek gloss black finish and the bead-lock pattern on its flange. In addition to this, the Pacer Street Lock has a shiny chromed out center cap that complements the wheel’s design to finish its classy look.
Pacer wheel

Black Daytona

If you are looking for a black no-spoke steel wheel with just enough design value to match up to an aluminum wheel then the Black Daytona is the wheel to keep in mind. It has a great gloss black finish that is topped off with red and blue stripes along the lip, giving it a distinct identity. This wheel comes in standard passenger car wheel sizes ranging from 15 to 17 inches. It is also TPMS compatible and can be used with tires that have Run flat technology included in their structure.
Pacer wheel


So maybe you still like your wheels with a couple of legit spokes on them. Then Pacer’s Mantis wheel is the wheel for you. This wheel has a 7 spoke design that trumps any other steel wheel out there. This is because the spokes are covered in clean deluxe silver finish coupled with black inserts that are curved out to form a propeller fan layout. Its center cap bears the signature Pacer logo in black color. With a similar silver finish on the flange as well, you have a wheel that is determined to impress any onlooker on the street.

By: Sean Bowes
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