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What are PVD Wheels - Ask NASA

NASA Political CartoonDuring the early 60s, the United States was in a frantic “space race” with the Soviet Union. It ended with 500 million viewers gathered around their televisions to watch Neil Armstrong’s historic first step on the moon. Since that time, support for NASA has been astronomical! NASA has been a leader in innovation, and now, some of their newest research has made it to 4wheelonline.com. This new innovation is known as PVD Coating, and it is now being used to coat wheels, pistons, and other automotive products.

How PVD Coating was Developed

PVD Coating is also known as Physical Vapor Deposition Coating. PVD Coating is a product that was completed in 2010 by NASA scientists at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. It is the newest alternative to the chrome plating that is used for trucks and cars. PVD Coating is gaining in popularity for many reasons, including that it enhances a product’s durability. In fact, it can enhance the lifespan of an unprotected product tenfold. Chrome plating, which is cheaper, is often criticized for chipping in rugged conditions like those found in the northern, snow-filled United States. On the contrary, PVD coating will not chip under those tough conditions.   

PVD coating is so durable because of the process that is used for its development. PVD Coating is made up of thin layers of metal that are bonded together through a rig that NASA finished developing in 2010. In order to make the coating, developers put the essential ingredients into the rig, which drops the surrounding atmospheric pressure to one torr (1/760 of our everyday atmosphere). From there, the coating is heated with a plasma torch that reaches 17,540.33 degrees Fahrenheit!(Woods) After an hour of sitting, the PVD Coating is ready.

Having a nice finish can really enhance the look of your vehicle. Having PVD Coating can enhance the look and durability.
Having a nice finish can really enhance the look of your vehicle. Having PVD Coating can enhance the look and durability.

How PVD Coating is Being Used for Trucks and Vehicles

Another benefit of PVD Coating is that it has a 90% lighter weight. This lighter weight will help save money at the gas pump and increase a vehicle’s acceleration rate. Who wouldn’t want that?!? PVD Coating is becoming so popular that it is now being used to coat surgical tools, drill bits, guns, and home appliances. But, more importantly it is being used for pistons, automotive wheels, and other accessories that can enhance your truck or car.

PVD is Environmentally Safe Too!

Also, you may want to consider PVD Coating because it is environmentally friendly. It contains no environmentally hazardous products. Also, its development does not create any excess byproducts that could be damaging either. This can be contributed to NASA’s attentive development process and is just another reason why NASA is so loved.

As you can see, PVD Coating is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. At 4wheelonline, we offer Truck Wheels with PVD Coating.

By: Tim Snyder Google

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Posted on May 6th, 2013
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