Foose Use Wheel Construction Techniques to Innovate Style

Not every custom luxury wheel is made equal. It takes engineering prowess to make one brand stand out from others and that is what Foose Wheels engineers are doing. Previously we have talked about Foose’s accessible wheel series titles and their chrome layouts. These are just a few of the ways that the wheels connect with the consumer. What really makes Foose wheels stand out is the construction approach applies to them and the final product that these approaches present.
Close up of a Chip Foose wheel

Foose’s Material Choices and Manufacturing Methods

Foose wheels are made with both one piece and multi-piece construction methods.

One Piece

Amongst the one piece wheel products are the Cruze, Enforcer, Speed and Knuckle Buster. All these wheels are made with cast aluminum and are completed with black or chrome finishes. They are most recommended for SUV, trucks and cars.

The One piece construction used on Foose wheels allow them to incorporate a classic design that places the wheels’ sizes between 18 and 26 inch diameter and also gives them the kind of toughness that allows them to stand years of regular use without breaking down. These are standard large rim sizes that are sported on most modern vehicles built for the streets and highways.
Chip Foose

Multi Piece

Foose multi piece wheels include the Five00, Ascot, Coronet, Impala and Fury to name a few models. These wheels feature either a chrome, polished or custom finish on them. Some of them are made using 2 piece while other have a 3 piece design. The multi piece design allows each component that is assembled into the wheel to have a different styling. This can be seen in the Couple Black for instance which has a 2 piece construction and bears a gloss black finish on the spoke area while keeping a chrome look on the main rim.

Unconventional Non-Spoke Designs

Another construction element on Foose wheels that give them the edge is their innovative non-spoke design. In fact without going much further we shall look at two of the most interesting non-spoke series from MHT Foose’s multi piece wheel collective which are the Imperial and Four42.

Plymonth prolwer
It doesn’t take much to tell that the imperial got its look from its name (or name from its look). It is a highly polished wheel which a wedged plate instead of spokes on it. One look at the unconventional profile of the Foose Imperial wheel will tell you it is the ideal luxury vehicle fitment.

The Four 42 however has a similar plate fitment but with equally spaced trapezoidal holed on it that make the plate appear spoked and unspoked at the same time. The rim has a chrome look while the plate has a grayish silver finish that illustrates the great applications made possible by multi-piece construction.

By: Sean Bowes
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