Dip Wheels: Three Things You Will Love

Dip Wheels is an aftermarket wheel brand from Los Angeles California. As an avid auto parts enthusiast you will notice that many popular American wheel manufacturers are based in California. Other companies include Ultra Wheel, American Eagle and MHT Wheels. But most notable amongst all these is the Wheel Group which makes and distributes over a dozen wheel brands including DIP wheels. Dip Wheels serves the luxury wheel market with aluminum alloy wheels that are made to last and add a stunning touch to street cars. There are four particular factors about Dip Wheels that make them such an attractive series of wheels.
GMC Denali

Concise Color Finishes

Dip Wheels come in four main color varieties. The most common finish in majority of the wheel models is chrome. The intensity of chrome detail on different wheels however varies to cater to everyone’s preference. If you are looking for a sharp reflective chrome finish on your Dip wheel then you will get it from the Ambush D68, Hack D98 Heat D92 and Wicked D39 for instance. For a less gleaming chrome texture, the Dagger D62, Phantom D25 and Exodus D41 exude a more relaxed tone that is easy on the eye. If you are however interested in the less polished machined finished, then the Bionic D83 and Gunner D88 are excellent choices. They both feature a machined face on the spoke but a black exterior on the rims. The machined finish for Dip wheels is in fact always used in combination with either black or silver finishes. The Ambush D68 Black Machined and Laser D95 are your closest best to a largely black wheel finish since they only include a machined accent on the lip. For a plain silver look, Dip Phoenix D36 is your one and only option from the entire collection and it will give you that exclusive appeal you may not find from other brands.
GMC Esclade

Diverse Spoke Designs

Variety of spoke design is the name of the game at Dip wheels. The spoke patterns range from five spoke like you will find on the Laser D95 to the fifteen spoke arrangement on the Hype D50. In addition to this, individual spokes on each wheel are styled differently. You will find twin spoke profiles on certain wheels, double finish spokes on others and single-finish spoke designs on the rest. The best twin spoke profiles can be seen on the Bionic D63 which not only features a specially shaped twin spoke look but a double finish that combines black (inner) and machined (outer) finish layers on the spokes. Some of the wheels have widely spaced spokes such as those with a biohazard sign semblance on the Boomerang D64 while others have thick and tightly set spokes like the Phoenix D36.
Dip Wheel

Textured Flanges

The flanges on all Dip wheel models are synonymous for their wide lips and alternating finishes. All black Dip wheels for instance have machined lips. A few models such as the Heat D92 and Ice D67 bear a bead lock design on the inner lip where the spokes are attached.

By: Sean Bowes
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